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1Lenovo’s Enterprise Stronghold 10 Ways the Laptop Maker Continues to Surprise

1. Sticking With the EnterpriseLenovo is perfectly content with sticking with the enterprise. The company knows that there is a big and profitable consumer market out there, but it continues to deliver an experience to corporate customers that is making it successful. By focusing its efforts in the corporate world, Lenovo will likely continue to capitalize on the notoriously change-averse market.

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2. It Cares Little About ConsumersFollowing that, it’s surprising that Lenovo cares so little about the consumer market. Although it does try to capture some market share there, it mostly ignores it for the sake of the enterprise. That makes Lenovo unique. Unlike HP, Dell, and Apple, Lenovo realizes that it doesn’t need consumers to be a success. That could be a key reason why Lenovo has been such a success to this point.

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3. Loyalty Reigns SupremeLoyalty has helped make Lenovo what it is today. In the corporate world, firms don’t like switching hardware and software vendors unless it’s absolutely necessary. Lenovo has capitalized on that mentality.

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4. It Doesn’t Want to Be AppleLenovo could be one of the few companies in the tech industry that has no desire to become Apple. Unlike just about every other firm, including HP, Dell, and Acer, Lenovo is content to be Lenovo. It undoubtedly realizes Apple has enjoyed success in the tech space by innovating beyond computers, but it knows what its core business model is all about.

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5. Quality, Quality, QualityLenovo delivers high-quality products in the corporate space, and that’s precisely why it has been such a success in that market. As corporate users know all too well, some companies deliver high-quality solutions, and others don’t. Lenovo’s market share in the enterprise reflects that.

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6. HP, Who?HP might be the world’s largest PC manufacturer, but Lenovo’s strategies over the past few years have indicated that it has no desire to be the next HP. That’s probably a good thing. HP is far ahead of the rest of the competition right now, and especially far ahead of Lenovo. Rather than waste time and resources trying to catch up, Lenovo has decided to continue offering high-quality products to corporate customers.

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7. Its Understanding of EmployeesLenovo’s enterprise products show that it fully understands what companies want for their employees. Whether it’s more power in a smaller package in some cases, or less power and more mobility in other cases, or an all-powerful desktop for those that need a little more from their computers, Lenovo delivers it.

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8. It Holds Its Own Against AcerLenovo is the only other major international PC maker that competes well against Acer. In fact, the company is performing extremely well in Asia, where Acer calls home. As Dell has given way to Acer’s pressure, and HP prepares to lose its top spot to the PC maker, it’s ironic that the one company that has been able to keep Acer at bay is Lenovo.

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9. Ugly WorksLenovo isn’t well known for its outstanding computer designs. In fact, the company’s laptops and desktops resemble old-style computers from years ago, rather than Apple-esque computers of today. But for Lenovo, such a strategy has worked out quite well. For a company that makes its name in the enterprise, delivering the best-looking products on the market isn’t nearly as important as delivering the most functional products on the market.

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10. Who Needs Innovation?Lenovo isn’t all that innovative. The firm won’t come up with new products like Apple, it won’t offer new design ideas like HP, and it won’t even offer the most unique experience in its products. Instead, it continues to deliver laptops, desktops, and most recently, nettops. All the while, it forgoes the absolute need for innovation that defines so many other companies. That’s actually refreshing.