Juniper Networks is introducing several new products that make up the next generation of its distributed enterprise technology.

The networking vendor has added four new products to the SRX Series family, targeted at smaller businesses than the SRX products already available. It’s also announced a new EX Series line of fixed-configuration switches, an entry-level series of access switches. Additionally, Juniper is automating the troubleshooting process with the integration of Advanced Insight Solutions into the new products.

The distributed enterprise is a combination of various workforce centers that from range from small locations of a single user (such as a home) to campus locations of several thousand users, and the challenge is delivering IT services across all of those various sites, said Scott Calzia, senior product marketing manager for the Ethernet Platforms Business Group at Juniper Networks. Juniper’s new products were designed to make that management easier, in large part because all of the company’s products run on a single operating system (JUNOS), he said.

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