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VMware View Client for iPad opens broad vistas for enterprise users who

want to use an iPad but require access to a Windows desktop. The

no-cost View Client for iPad extends VMware’s virtual desktop


to the popular Apple iPad granting users the ability to run Windows

apps without the need to carry a PC.

In my tests, accessing a Windows 7 desktop system via a

first-generation Apple iPad running iOS 4.3 was both responsive and


via touch-based gestures. The VMware View client faithfully represented

the Windows desktop on Apple’s iPad hardware (including Flash


The VMware View Client of iPad works over 3G and WiFi connections. My

tests of this first-version release of the View Client for iPad were

confined to using our WiFi network. Future tests will compare

performance when running over 3G networks.

While the View Client for iPad is available at no cost from the Apple

App Store, the underlying VMware View infrastructure is not. In order to

use the View client, your organization will need to first make a

strategic decision to implement a virtual desktop environment where the

Windows client systems are hosted in a data center. For the pros and

cons of using VMware View, please see my review here.

IT managers who have a View virtual desktop environment in place will

find it a simple task to integrate iPad users. The existing server and

data center components including the View Connection Server (the server

that brokers connections from users to virtual desktop systems) and the

virtual desktops themselves require no changes. iPad users need only

download the client and then log on to the Connection Server to gain

access to a Windows desktop system.

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