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1How many different environments do your applications get deployed to?

Most go through multiple stages

2What types of releases do you perform the most?

Iterative approaches start to dominate

3How do you deploy to the following environments?

Lots of manual work still going on

4No Title

How complex are your typical production deployments?

5For complex application deployments, what are the top 3 challenges you face? (Select 3)

Not much in the way of structured processes

6How long does it usually take for your organization to push code from development to production?

An eternity for many

7What do you do today to speed up your application deployment/release processes?

Scripts usually don’t scale

8What is your business trying to improve around software delivery?

A business critical need for speed

9What percent of your products missed their release dates in the past 12 months?

Too many

10Do you encounter any of the following issues with your application deployment process?

A growing list of significant challenges

11Do you have initiatives or plans at your company or organization to adopt the following?

Delivery changes will force operational changes