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1Go with LCD screens

Approximately 65 percent of those organizations who reported they’ve reduced IT energy costs by 1 percent or more say they’ve migrated their monitors from CRTs to LCDs.

2Seek low-power processors

Around 64 percent of successfully efficient organizations are utilizing newer low-power/low wattage processors for servers and other data center equipment. And 59 percent are using these processors in their workstations.

3Dont forget the power management tools

Slightly over half of organizations that have achieved more than 1 percent in energy cost savings make full use of their power management tools provided within workstation operating systems.

4Smart cooling design


5Leverage 10GB Ethernet

Approximately 43 percent of organizations successful at saving energy had redesigned data centers to better balance equipment and cooling needs.

6Employ less hungry switches

Among those with an energy efficiency plan, 39 percent of them have deployed more power-efficient core switches and 30 percent have replaced edge and workgroup switches with more power-efficient options.

7Aggregate power management at network

Just under a quarter of organizations use the network as a platform to manage and reduce energy use.

8Leverage 10GB Ethernet

Approximately 23 percent of organizations with cost-cutting measures have adopted 10GB Ethernet, Infiniband technologies.

9Deploy FcOE

Just over 20 percent of organizations have reduced their SAN infrastructure by implementing Fibre-channel Over Ethernet (FcOE).

10Top-of-Rack Models

Just under 20 percent of organizations with cost cutting plans have moved to top-of-rack models for access layer switching.

11Use Tracking Tools

Almost all organizations could do a better job cutting energy if they knew where they stood. Over 89 percent of organizations currently do not use Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency as a measure and 85 percent do not use Power Usage Effectiveness. The Department of Energy and the EPA both offer programs to assess data center improvements and track progress.