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1Acer’s iPad Challenge 10 Ways Acer Can Beat Apple’s Tablet

1. Go to AndroidAcer seems quite excited over the possibility of Windows 7 making inroads in the tablet market, but Acer should consider Android. The software is the most popular OS in the smartphone market right now, and it will likely appeal to both corporate customers and consumers. With the right version, Acer could get quite a bit out of an Android-based tablet.

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2. Consider Chrome OSGoogle’s Chrome OS platform might be another fine option for Acer in its quest to take on the iPad in the tablet space. The software is expected to be made widely available in the coming months, and when that happens, Acer should be one of the companies to capitalize.

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3. Don’t Worry About HPThe last thing Acer should be doing right now is worrying about HP. The PC maker might be concerned that with Palm’s help, HP could take a sizable lead in the tablet space, but it’s a faulty worry. WebOS has yet to proven itself as a viable platform.

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4. Make It BigOne of the biggest mistakes Dell made with its Streak is that the device is too small. It boasts a 5-inch display. Compare that to the iPad’s 9.7-inch display and it quickly becomes clear that Dell has a long way to go to match Apple’s tablet. Acer needs to learn from that and offer a tablet with a sizable screen. A 7-inch or smaller display won’t do it.

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5. Deliver Several DevicesAcer has the ability, unlike Apple, to deliver as many versions of its tablets as it wants. So, if it wants to offer some Android-based tablets, it can. If it wants to sell Chrome OS-based tablets, it can. The list goes on and on. That said, Acer needs to use that to its advantage.

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6. Think About RIMSpeculation abounds over the possibility of RIM offering a tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad. So far, the company has said little about such a device hitting store shelves. But that doesn’t mean that Acer can’t be concerned about it. If RIM delivers a better service, Acer will need to respond.

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7. Windows 7 Is Always An OptionAs a Windows PC maker, it would only make sense for Acer to consider deploying Windows 7 in its tablets. In fact, the company hopes to do just that with several of its products. It’s probably a good option. The corporate world knows and understands Windows. Plus, it integrates nicely into existing infrastructure.

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8. Stay True to Acer’s DesignAcer has proven time and again that, like Apple, it really understands hardware design. In fact, the company offers some of the best-looking computers on the market. Acer can’t forget that when it starts offering its tablets. The last thing it wants to be is the firm that didn’t know what it was doing with its tablet designs.

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9. Don’t Even Think of Windows Phone 7It might be tempting to consider Windows Phone 7 in its tablets, but such a move would be a major mistake. Windows Phone 7 has several question marks at this point, and there is no guarantee that it will even deliver an experience that customers will want. Acer knows what works now. It shouldn’t waste its time with the things it doesn’t know.

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10. Productivity Should Play A Key RoleIn the end, productivity is the goal when it comes to tablets. Although entertainment is important, tablet owners want to know that they are getting more out of their day because of devices like Apple’s iPad. If Acer wants to be successful, it needs to keep that in mind. Productivity means everything in the corporate world, and if Acer’s tablet doesn’t make owners productive, it will fail.