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110 Technologies to Keep You Connected to the Office This Summer

1. The RIM BlackBerry TorchConsidering the popularity of the BlackBerry in today’s corporate world, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the BlackBerry Torch smartphone will be used by many to stay in touch with the office. The device comes with all the BlackBerry features employees need, including the ability to access e-mail and connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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2. Apple iPad 2During a call with investors earlier this year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that his company’s iPad is becoming more popular in the enterprise, and many of the world’s top firms are considering bringing the device to their operations. Realizing that, and considering employees won’t have trouble connecting their work emails to their own personal iPad 2 units, it wouldn’t be a surprise if those folks used the tablets to stay in touch with what’s going on at work.

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3. Office 365Microsoft’s recently announced Office 365 is one of the more high-powered solutions the software giant has released in years. And with it, employees can easily stay in touch with what’s happening at work by accessing Outlook, collaborating with colleagues in Sharepoint, and more. The only way for employees to use Office 365, however, is if their companies deploy it.

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4. Apple iPhone 4Although the iPhone 4 hasn’t necessarily caught on in the enterprise, the device is a wildly popular consumer product. And while employees are away on vacation, companies should expect their workers to access corporate e-mail from their iPhones. Like it or not, the iPhone 4 is at times, an unauthorized corporate companion for workers.

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5. RIM BlackBerry PlayBookRIM’s recently launched BlackBerry PlayBook tablet isn’t necessarily a major consumer winner, but the product is catching on in some companies. Realizing that, many workers, especially those on-the-go, will likely use the device to stay connected with what’s happening in the office. They’ll be able to access e-mail from the device and engage in video chats with those back at the office.

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6. The HP TouchPadThe upcoming HP TouchPad might prove to be one of the more compelling iPad alternatives on the market. The device runs WebOS, a new entry into the tablet space, and will allow users to check e-mail, surf the Web, and engage in other activities that might have something to do with their jobs. And considering HP’s stance as an enterprise-friendly company, it might not be long before the TouchPad makes its way into some operations.

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7. Google VoiceThough Google Voice isn’t always discussed as an enterprise solution, the service could be a key player in keeping employees connected this summer. Google Voice allows users to connect their many different phones to a single account. When the Google Voice number is called, it rings on a specific device. However, if the person doesn’t answer, the phone will ring on all other phones connected to the account. With Google Voice in tow, employees are just one phone call away, no matter where they are in the world.

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8. OutlookMicrosoft’s Outlook platform has been the go-to e-mail solution for companies around the globe for quite some time. And in many cases, employees access their work e-mail accounts through an Exchange server. Considering that, and considering most employees will be surfing the Web no matter where they go that summer, they shouldn’t find it too difficult to check their work e-mail accounts while away from the office.

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9. Google Apps For BusinessIf some employees use Office 365 to stay connected with the office this summer, others will undoubtedly use Google Apps for Business. That platform, which costs companies $50 per user per year, will allow employees to log on to the Web and see everything from shared documents to e-mails sent to their corporate accounts.

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10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Like the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a decidedly consumer-focused tablet. However, it’s widely considered the best Android alternative to the iPad 2. Realizing that, many consumers will be opting for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. And on those devices, they should have easy access to their work e-mail accounts.