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110 Reasons Enterprises May Pick Tablets Over PCs

1. MobilityThe best aspect of a tablet for the average company is that it delivers mobility to employees in a way that most other devices just can’t. A tablet, like the iPad, can be tossed into a bag and carried around without much trouble. And as the workforce becomes more mobile, that aspect of “pick up and go” is going to become all the more important.

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2. The PriceThe cost of migrating computers to new versions can be expensive. In fact, a recent estimate from Gartner claims migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP can cost companies more than $2,000 per PC. That’s expensive. But getting a company can get an employee’s hands on a tablet for as little as $400 in some cases. And the iPad starts at $500. Budget concerns are pushing companies to tablets in a big way.

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3. Apple’s InfluenceApple might not have any influence when it comes to enterprise computing, but the company does have a major impact when it comes to tablets. And the enterprise is quickly starting to realize that. Apple is using consumers to infiltrate the enterprise, first by getting consumers to like its products, and then by getting those decision makers to switch. It’s a move that has failed elsewhere, but in tablets, it might just be working.

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4. It’s A Numbers GameWhen it’s all said and done, companies need to decide what’s best for them. And in the PC market, they’re inundated with several solutions that in one way or another, might not deliver the kind of value that they hope. But the tablet market is simple, since there are just a couple options to choose from. And for the most part, those options are quite viable. It makes the time wasted on determining what’s best for employees much less.

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5. 3G Makes It EasierAlthough more and more computers are adding 3G connectivity in their products, tablets are fully invested in the high-speed mobile service. And as mentioned, the enterprise is becoming more mobile with each passing month. Knowing that 3G integration is readily available in a respective tablet makes them all the more viable when compared to PCs that lack the functionality.

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6. The Desktop Isn’t Useful AnymoreThe desktop was once the must-have product for any company. But nowadays, the desktop’s value isn’t as great as it once was as more and more employees are forced to travel to perform their duties. However, desktops are still considered when companies need to make their next computer buying decisions. It’s just becoming clear now that tablets are taking some of those sales away.

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7. Notebooks Are Lacking TooAlthough tablets are having an easier time stealing sales from desktops, notebooks are also feeling the impact of mobile devices. Compared to tablets, notebooks look big and far too heavy to carry around on a long drive. Plus, they lack little extras, like an App Store and touch screen (in most cases), that the enterprise is starting to warm up to. Notebooks will still sell well in the coming months, but they will increasingly lose ground to tablets.

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8. The Enterprise Is Warming to the Touch ScreenAs mentioned, the touch screen, which was once one of the major issues with these “next-gen devices,” is starting to enjoy more value in the corporate world. That’s precisely why the iPhone and Android-based devices are starting to garner more enterprise users. It’s also why tablets are likely to outsell PCs in the coming months.

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9. Convenience FactorConvenience is something that isn’t often mentioned in the enterprise, but it’s a key aspect of an average company’s decision-making. If a product is more convenient to carry, easier to use, and generally provides a better service to the average employee, it will become the desired product in the enterprise. And at least in this case, tablets are starting to become those products.

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10. SecuritySecurity is an obvious concern to every company in the world. Every firm wants to know that their data is being kept safe from the grasps of malicious hackers. However, by opting for tablets, companies can reduce their security concerns by at least a bit. After all, a Windows PC is at risk of malware designed specifically for that software. However, a locked tablet isn’t susceptible to those issues. Of course, phishing attacks and other Web-based concerns are present, but tablets are at least a little bit safer than their Windows-based counterparts.