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110 Features the Amazon Kindle Tablet Must Have to Succeed

1. A Big DisplayThe last thing Amazon should want to do with its upcoming tablet is offering a device that comes with a 7-inch display. In order for any device to be popular in today’s marketplace, it needs to have at least a 9.7-inch screen to match the iPad’s. Even better are 10.1-inch screens. Either way, Amazon must offer up a big display in its reportedly upcoming slate.

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2. A Unique Version of AndroidGoogle’s open-source Android operating system lets any vendor modify the operating system to tailor to its own needs. For Amazon’s sake, it should do just that with the version running on its upcoming tablet. If it can make the its iteration of Android 3.1 (or Android 3.2) even more appealing than the competition, it will be in good shape.

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3. Apps GaloreOne of the key reasons Apple’s iPad has been such a success is its supported applications. Right now, there are about 100,000 applications designed specifically for the iPad that take advantage of its large display. Amazon, which has an app store of its own, should do its best to deliver as many as possible to its tablet.

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4. A Slim DesignApple’s iPad 2 is much thinner than its predecessor, making it much easier to carry around. Amazon should keep that in mind and try to offer a tablet that’s as slim and as mobile as possible. Consumers will respond well to that.

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5. Top-Notch MarketingIf Amazon wants to become a key player in the tablet space, it will need to invest heavily in marketing. Right now, Apple is the only company that seems to understand how to market and advertise its products. All others are lost. Amazon, however, has the cash to deliver a worthwhile marketing campaign. And if it can use its popular homepage to its advantage, it could put itself one step ahead of the competition.

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6. Affordable PricingThe last thing Amazon should do is release a tablet at a price that makes customers think twice. Right now, the iPad 2 starts at $499. Amazon should keep its prices in line with Apple’s iPad, adding more features that cost more. Apple has set the bar for what customers are willing to spend on what.

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7. 4G CapabilityIf Amazon wants to find a way to trump the iPad 2, it should bring 4G connectivity to its tablet. Right now, the lack of the ultra-high-speed connection in Apple’s tablet is arguably its biggest problem. By offering 4G and making that distinction clear, Amazon might just be able to capitalize on those customers who want faster network speeds.

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8. An E-Reader-Only VersionThe last thing Amazon should do is give up its stranglehold on the e-reader market. The company’s Kindle e-reader is wildly popular, and getting rid of it would not only hurt its revenue figures, but likely hurt the sales of its tablet, at least in the short-term. E-readers and tablets can happily co-exist.

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9. A High-Quality Touch DisplayTablet size means little if the screen isn’t of high-quality. If Amazon wants its tablet to succeed, it will need to offer a top-notch, high-definition touch display that’s responsive to user inputs and makes games and movies look good. A high-quality display is central to Amazon’s chances of success.

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10. A Clear Market StrategyThe RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a prime example of a tablet without a clear market strategy. That device is seemingly targeted at enterprise users, but comes with a host of consumer-focused functions that companies don’t like. Amazon can’t make that mistake. Its goal should be to find a single market to focus on — ideally, consumers — and stick with it.