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11. It’s An Advertising Game

Every decision Google makes is in some way related to advertising. The company realizes that Web-based advertising is big business. And the last thing it wants to do is put that in jeopardy for the sake of breaking into another market. No matter the industry or the focus, advertising is what dictates Google’s every decision.

22. Search Is Central to Everything

As important as advertising is to Google’s strategy, search is right there with it. Google is a search company first, and a provider of other solutions second. And that likely won’t change anytime soon. So, as companies continue to use Google products, they should be fully aware that search will take precedence over any other product until another division starts generating more revenue for the firm.

33. Android Is An Advertising Opportunity

Android OS is gaining in popularity. And for Google, that means that the advertising opportunities related to that growth are endless. That’s precisely why the company acquired AdMob last year. It’s also why, going forward, advertising will likely play a major role in the core aspects of Android OS.

44. Privacy Is A Relative Term

Privacy continues to be one of those topics that keeps creeping up in discussions about Google. It makes sense. Over the past year, the company has been hit with concerns over privacy on its Buzz social network. It has also been subject to concern over its collection of data for its StreetView service. Look for concerns over privacy to continue for the foreseeable future.

55. It’s Quite Microsoft-Like

Google has spent the last 12 years trying to tell the world that it doesn’t want to be like Microsoft. But over the past few years, as the company has grown from a small Web firm to a dominating force in the industry, it’s hard to tell the difference between Microsoft and Google. That’s not to say that the firms are identical&#151they certainly are not&#151but from a power and influence perspective, it’s hard to see many differences between them.

66. It’s the Only Company That Can Stop Apple

Apple continues to be the most influential force in the technology industry. But Google is the single firm that could potentially dethrone Steve Jobs and Company, and take over the entire industry for good. Google has proven in the mobile space that it knows what it has to do to beat Apple. And the company is already outfoxing Steve Jobs in mobile advertising. Going forward, the enterprise should come to the realization that Google just might have what it takes to trump Apple.

77. It Doesn’t Understand the Enterprise

Google has been trying to attract the enterprise over the past few years. But so far, it has been unsuccessful. As nice as Android OS is, it’s not a corporate-focused product. And for the most part, Google’s cloud applications still can’t match desktop-based alternatives from Microsoft and other firms. Simply put, Google’s enterprise efforts leave much to be desired.

88. Most Companies Fear It

Google has proven that if it makes sense, the company will go into any market that it wants. And when it does so, it has one goal in mind: dominance. That’s precisely why ISPs don’t like Google’s 1Gbps fiber network idea. It’s also why mobile carriers are concerned the company’s mobile advertising initiatives could hurt their operations. Google is simply a company that strikes fear in others.

99. Google Could Change the Mobile Market Forever

Speaking of the mobile market, it’s clearer than ever that Google could change it in a drastic way. As important as the iPhone was when it hit store shelves, Google is potentially changing the space into an ad-driven market. And by potentially dominating the space in overall market share within a few years, it’s possible that Google will eliminate long-standing mobile powerhouses, like Microsoft and RIM. Expect Google to change the mobile market forever.

1010. It Has Its Sights Set On Tablets

Although Google said that Android OS 2.2 might not be the best bet for tablets, rest assured that the company is preparing to target that space in a big way. In fact, it’s entirely possible that Google will use 2011 to attract vendors and drastically reduce the influence Apple currently has in the tablet market.