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Why Tech Companies Are Eager to Invest in 5G

Why Tech Companies Are Eager to Invest in 5GWhy Tech Companies Are Eager to Invest in 5G

Anticipating faster networks and greater IoT capabilities, companies are fast-forwarding 5G initiatives, with many aiming for public launches within the year.

Universal Buy-InUniversal Buy-In

96% of the executives surveyed said their company plans to leverage 5G technology, and 67% either have already evaluated 5G or will do so over the next 12 months.

How Organizations Plan to Leverage 5GHow Organizations Plan to Leverage 5G

Deploy 5G networks and infrastructure: 36%,
Utilize 5G tech in products and services: 34%,
Create 5G technology and software: 18%,
Make 5G devices or equipment: 8%

Why Tech Firms and Service Providers Invest in 5GWhy Tech Firms and Service Providers Invest in 5G

Need for a flexible and scalable network: 59%,
Customer demand: 55%,
Potential for market leadership: 46%

Big DebutBig Debut

34% of the executives surveyed will publicly release their 5G solution within the next 12 months (if they haven’t already). An additional 42% will do so one to two years from now.

Industries Driving Demand for 5GIndustries Driving Demand for 5G

Telecommunications: 73%,
Technology: 67%,
Financial services: 37%,
Services: 36%,
Healthcare: 33%

Benefits Summary, Part IBenefits Summary, Part I

68% of the executives surveyed expect 5G to provide much higher reliability and lower latency, while 60% anticipate improved spectral efficiency.

Benefits Summary, Part IIBenefits Summary, Part II

50% expect 5G to deliver “massive” multiple input/multiple output (MIMO), and 35% anticipate millimeter wave and very wide bandwidths.

Wish ListWish List

88% are seeking faster networks from 5G, and 71% want greater internet of things (IoT) capabilities.

Biggest 5G Development BarriersBiggest 5G Development Barriers

Restrained budgets: 42%
Lack of clear standards and guidelines: 38%
Lack of expertise: 35%