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Internet of Things

1 - Pinpointing Promising Opportunities in IoTPinpointing Promising Opportunities in IoT

The Internet of things, though not a new concept, is gathering steam. A new study examines how executives perceive key growth opportunities in the IoT space.

2 - Earnings ForecastEarnings Forecast

33% of IT industry execs expect their companies to make money from IoT within the next two years, and an additional 8% have already done so.

3 - Niche PursuitsNiche Pursuits

Of those expecting to make money from IoT within the next two years, 34% anticipate they’ll generate revenues in this market through deployments and integrations, and 33% say infrastructure-related work, such as that focused on networks and the cloud, will drive business. About one-third will look to either sell or resell IoT products.

4 - Key PlayersKey Players

44% say device companies will make significant money in the IoT market, and 35% say app developers will. Just under one-third say data analytics/big data companies stand to gain sales from IoT.

5 - Value Statements: Watchful EyeValue Statements: Watchful Eye

53% say there will be considerable market value in IoT for companies that can control and monitor newly connected pieces of equipment.

6 - Value Statements: Data DepositValue Statements: Data Deposit

46% say there will be notable market value in IoT for businesses that collect new streams of data.

7 - Value Statements: Learning ProcessValue Statements: Learning Process

46% say companies that can augment the intelligence of previously “dumb” objects/systems will emerge in demand due to interest in IoT.

8 - Value Statements: TrailblazersValue Statements: Trailblazers

42% say businesses that create new revenue opportunities from connected systems—such as smart cities or connected vehicles—will benefit significantly from IoT advancements.

9 - Studying IoT Market OpportunitiesStudying IoT Market Opportunities

52% are following news stories to learn more about IoT market opportunities and 35% are reading research and/or market reports.

10 - Discussing IoT Internally and With CustomersDiscussing IoT Internally and With Customers

22% say they had discussions with customers to find out more about IoT opportunities, and 22% say they held internal strategic discussions about this.  

11 - IoT Obstacles: SecurityIoT Obstacles: Security

With high potential for vulnerabilities within IoT products, it’s possible that security flaws could be classified as defects, potentially making connected cars, appliances, etc., subject to recalls.

12 - IoT Obstacles: Data PrivacyIoT Obstacles: Data Privacy

Most tech users aren’t fully aware of the extent of personal data collected, bought and sold thanks to IoT. When they find out, there could be considerable backlash from the public—and regulators.

13 - IoT Obstacles: SpectrumIoT Obstacles: Spectrum

It’s a safe guess to say that IoT’s growth will strain existing spectrum allocations, as billions of new wireless IP devices are connected.