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Just a few months ago I posted as my Facebook status: “I work in the Bermuda Triangle of WebEx. If you want me to see the slides, email them to me in advance.” The free online meeting application that Cisco acquired two years ago would crash my browser or it wouldn’t connect. It got so that I’d get a WebEx meeting invitation in my email, and I’d groan: Why why why?

Maybe it was my old corporate laptop under the weight of the 40-plus windows I keep open at all times and the dozen or so applications I have running and the fact that I rarely reboot the thing. But WebEx always seemed to be the proverbial straw that broke my laptop’s back.

But things have improved. The last few WebEx meetings I clicked to attend worked with no problem whatsoever. It made me wonder if I’d just been experiencing one of those ID-10-T errors before now. Or if my PC had been visited in the middle of the night by the WebEx fairy who installed some new driver.

Whatever. It works for me now. And now that it’s humming along so well, Cisco is releasing a version of WebEx for the Apple iPad. Good or bad, your online meetings can follow you wherever you take your iPad. And WebEx is also available for the Apple iPhone, several BlackBerry models, several Nokia models, several Windows Mobile models and the Android G1. (A full list of supported smartphones is here.)

“I can’t wait to get my iPad tomorrow (the long-waited April 3) and download the WebEx Meeting Center application, to see how different it is from our WebEx for iPhone application,” wrote Alex Hadden Boyd, a Cisco marketing director, at Cisco’s blog.

Check out eWEEK’s look at the 20,000 apps being prepared for Apple’s iPad here.

What about you? Are you buying an iPad? Are your customers? Is WebEx one of the apps you plan to download?

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