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Incentive programs

1 - Performance BoostersPerformance Boosters

69% of vendors provide incentives to channel partners for meeting sales performance goals, including year-over-year and “reach” goals.

2 - Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision

Less than 40% offer complex incentives such as those for lead generation, deal registration and training.

3 - Deal BreakersDeal Breakers

Three out of four would like to run more complex incentive programs, but don’t have the tech tools or staffing to handle the required data to execute them.

4 - Antiquated ApproachAntiquated Approach

80% of channel incentive programs are still conducted manually, via spreadsheets, limited databases and other labor-intensive tools.

5 - Degrees of SeparationDegrees of Separation

Just 48% directly provide incentives to partner sales reps and only 52% pay partner sales reps directly.

6 - Motivating FactorsMotivating Factors

45% provide “cash only” rewards to partner sales reps and 34% give points for merchandise or travel.

7 - Wide AppealWide Appeal

Nearly nine of 10 give incentives to parties other than partner sales reps and 46% of those vendors reward partner sales engineers and 40% will reward the partnering marketing team.

8 - One-Off MentalityOne-Off Mentality

Only 39% have shifted to recurring revenue models.

9 - Limited PerspectiveLimited Perspective

Three of five that have launched recurring revenue models give incentives based on total contract value, but only one in 10 provide incentives for outcomes that aren’t directly sales-related.