Spiceworks has launched a new  Vendor Pages feature, designed to help tech companies connect with Spicework’s customer base of small business IT pros.

The Vendor Pages let tech companies create their own Facebook-like pages to build a presence with the Spiceworks community.

“Just like Facebook Pages did for consumer brands, we’re giving every technology company from big to small a way to have a presence within the world’s largest social business network for IT professionals,” said Scott Abel, co-founder and CEO of Spiceworks, in a statement. “We’re also making it easier for our users to do their jobs by connecting them with the tech brands they depend on – all while using Spiceworks.”

Any company can create their own Vendor Page for free or purchase a premiumVendor Page with enhanced features and customization capabilities. Key features, according to Spiceworks, include:

  • Branded Vendor Page – a central place where technology providers can build brand awareness among the 1.3 million IT professionals in Spiceworks. Spiceworks users can tap Vendor Pages to interact with tech companies and get questions answered on specific products and services. All Vendor Pages are listed in a central directory, which can be searched by Spiceworks users.
  • Interactive Content Sharing – allows vendors to showcase information about products and offers; feature embedded videos and webinars; link to conversations about their brands in the Spiceworks community; highlight ratings and reviews; and provide updates on events and related information important to potential and existing customers. In addition, brands can use Vendor Pages to power advanced capabilities for Spiceworks users, such as order tracking and more.
  • Application Plug-in Sharing – from their branded Vendor Pages, technology providers can share their own application plug-ins for the Spiceworks IT management application, which make it easier for customers to care for specific devices, software and services. Currently, more than 140 IT management application plug-ins are available to Spiceworks users.
  • Social Media Sharing – allows Spiceworks users to follow Vendor Pages for the technology products and services they use or like, and see which of their peers are followers of a brand. This helps users stay better informed on the latest deals, product updates, and other topics of interest. In addition, technology vendors can share and syndicate their own social media content into the Spiceworks community via their Vendor Pages. They can also link information and discussions created in Spiceworks back to their own web sites.

“As Spiceworks continues to transform IT in a social way, it’s expanding our reach in terms of how we build and maintain relationships with our customers,” said Lauren McCadney of CDW, in a statement.