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Cloud consumption can be a double-edged sword for businesses. While the benefits of cloud services are undeniable, organizations often struggle with managing costs effectively and navigating the complexities of cloud commitments.

That’s where Archera steps in.

In this episode of Channel Insider: Partner POV, host Katie Bavoso delved into a conversation with Jabari Norton, the new Executive Revenue Leader at Archera, exploring a fresh approach to de-risking cloud commitments. Norton is a nine-time startup executive with over 25 years of experience; he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the technology industry, particularly in cloud services.

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What is Archera?

Archera is cloud optimization software that insures, optimizes, and manages enterprise cloud resources to maximize savings and minimize risk.

Norton described Archera as a cloud commitment insurance solution with a free SaaS platform that helps customers plan, manage, and purchase native commitments to reduce costs and mitigate risk.

The solution offers short-term discounts and insurance to bridge gaps in commitment lengths provided by cloud providers. “Archera is really a cloud commitment insurance solution that we provide,” Norton said. “There’s no cost; there’s no tax on top of that. But really what that unlocks is a unique set of capabilities that we have around our short-term discounts that provide extremely aggressive, strong savings for customers but allow them to really reduce the risk in the field to fill the gaps that customers have.”

Putting customers in control of their purchase with “commitment insurance”

Norton explained how commitment insurance works at Archera, giving customers control over their purchases and providing them with confidence in their cloud commitments. The guarantee offered by Archera allows customers to commit to longer terms with the safety net of insurance, ensuring flexibility and cost savings.

“What our insurance and our guarantee provide really puts the customers in control of what they purchase,” Norton explained. “And we guarantee that after the period of time that they are either 30 days or one year, that we will provide a cash rebate back to the customer or will take that out of their account.”

Cloud providers’ support for risk reduction framework

Katie asked why cloud providers support Archera’s risk reduction framework. 

The framework is gaining support from cloud providers due to its innovative approach to mitigating challenges associated with cloud commitments.

Norton clarified that cloud providers are inherently “customer obsessed” and focus on helping customers optimize their cloud usage and control costs. By working with Archera’s commitment insurance solution, cloud providers can offer their customers a unique way to manage commitments, reduce risk, and increase confidence in their cloud usage.

The framework benefits cloud providers by enabling customers to make longer commitments with the assurance of Archera’s insurance coverage. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty and helps cloud providers retain customers who may have hesitated to commit long-term due to risk concerns.

Archera’s ideal customers and verticals

Archera’s customers span various industries and sizes, ranging from small startups to large enterprises. They work with startups in fields like generative AI or AML space where technologies like GPU instances are critical. The company caters to more “mature organizations” migrating from legacy infrastructure.

Archera also collaborates with cloud providers and their most complex customers to optimize spending and drive efficiencies.

“We also work with some of the cloud providers’ most largest, most complex customers on the planet that have very strong, you know, thin ops teams and operational teams that manage their spend,” Norton explained.

Archera’s partnerships

Archera primarily partners with AWS, leveraging its close relationship with the cloud giant to offer customers solutions. The collaboration with AWS emphasizes customer optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency, aligning with Archera’s commitment to enhancing cloud usage.

“Our go-to-market partnership is heavily reliant on AWS,” Norton said. “AWS is the lifeblood of what we do. They’ve been phenomenal to partner with and they’re really customer obsessed and really helping both optimize lower costs and drive better efficiencies and more cloud usage for our customers.”

Guidance for engaging with Archera

To begin the conversation with Archera, individuals or teams learning about the platform should consider their current challenges and objectives related to cloud consumption and cost optimization.

“Really, anybody expressing interest in cost optimization. We actually have what I talked about is our free platform and we actually provide a free savings analysis.”

Potential customers can start by leveraging Archera’s free platform to analyze their infrastructure and determine potential cost savings. This initial step allows a quick assessment of how Archera’s solutions can benefit their cloud commitments and cost management needs.

Prospective customers may benefit from engaging with Archera when they are:

  • Seeking short-term cost optimization solutions.
  • Exploring long-term cloud commitment strategies.
  • Looking to reduce risk in cloud consumption.

The ideal time to reach out to Archera is when organizations want to streamline their cloud costs, optimize commitments, or achieve better control over their cloud spending. Whether through the need for short-term alternatives, migration support, private pricing agreement (PPA) and enterprise discount program (EDP) planning, or overall cost reduction strategies, Archera offers a range of solutions tailored to various stages of a company’s cloud journey.

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