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Thanks to a new set of tools, NewsGator 2.0 lets you access your favorite news feeds from any Web browser, POP3 e-mail client, or HTML-enabled mobile device. You can even synchronize your RSS subscriptions across multiple devices, so that a news item you just read on one system doesn’t show up when you access NewsGator from another.

When we first reviewed NewsGator in October along with three other RSS aggregators (“RSS News Readers Browse for You“), it was arguably the pick of the lot. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client, it was remarkably easy to use, streaming RSS news feeds onto your desktop as if they were e-mail messages. It let you subscribe to feeds simply by clicking a button on your Web browser. And it was smart enough to draw information from good old fashioned Usenet newsgroups as well as RSS-enabled Web sites. The only drawback was that you couldn’t use it outside of Outlook. What if you were married to a different e-mail client or you wanted to check your favorite news feeds while away from your primary PC?

With the product’s new release, these problems are solved. The addition of NewsGator Online Services lets you build your own meta-news-feeds. You can ask NewsGator to, say, deliver a list of news items that contain a certain keyword or that relate to a certain URL. And, if you like, you can subscribe to exclusive, premium feeds from various NewsGator partners, including the nationally syndicated radio/TV host Tim Carter’s home improvement articles.

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