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1It’s Lost

It’s hard to debate that HP is lost right now. The company had a strong leader in Mark Hurd that helped it lead the charge in the PC market and other markets. Now, the firm is looking for a new leader, while still facing the pressures of running so many different operations. And as the company’s inexcusable premium offered for 3PAR shows, the current leadership isn’t on Hurd’s level.

2Things Can Run Smoothly Without Him

As troubling as HP’s leadership decisions have been, the company is still running relatively smoothly. There isn’t any talk of a mass exodus by customers, and for the most part, little has changed at the company since he left. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t missed—he is—but HP is so big, it can operate on its own.

3Palm’s Vision Is Gone

It was Mark Hurd that decided to acquire Palm. And it was Mark Hurd that had the vision to acquire the firm when others weren’t sure about it. But now he is gone. And with it, HP has lost the vision that it relied upon. It’s showing that more and more with each passing day that it ignores Palm.

4Dell Has A Chance

HP has shown that it has a soft underbelly. And Dell, arguably the company’s biggest competitor, has a chance to capitalize. Admittedly, that chance is quite small, since Dell is dealing with problems of its own. But with issues at the top of HP, the company has proven that with the right strategy, Dell can grab some valuable market share.

5Acer Can Capitalize

Look for Acer to capitalize heavily on Hurd’s departure. Since HP’s CEO left, it has been focusing its efforts elsewhere. And by doing so, it’s leaving its position as the world’s largest PC maker in jeopardy. That might not matter in the coming weeks, but over time, Acer could very well capitalize.

6A Replacement Is Hard to Come By

HP’s search hasn’t been going on for long, but finding a suitable replacement for such an effective CEO is going to be difficult for the company. HP is multi-faceted with all kinds of moving parts. Finding a replacement will be difficult. And until it’s successful at doing so, there’s no telling what could happen to its market position.

7Smartphones Will Be Put On Hold

Expect smartphones to be put on hold until HP finds another CEO. As mentioned, the company’s desire to buy Palm was born out of Mark Hurd’s vision. That means that the current leadership is somewhat lost when it comes to the mobile strategy. Smartphones likely won’t play a major role in the future of HP until the next CEO decides upon it.

8New Tablets Aren’t Coming

The HP Slate and a Web OS-based tablet were going to be made available while Mark Hurd was at HP. Because of that, it’s not a stretch to say that the company will be offering new tablets in the coming months. But beyond that, don’t expect new tablets. Current leadership has no desire to start something drastically new.

9Some Divisions Will Be Neglected

Mark Hurd was a special CEO. He was able to manage the various divisions that make up HP with aplomb. But for most people, that isn’t so easy. And until HP finds itself a viable candidate to take over the company, it’s highly likely that certain divisions will be neglected. That’s not ideal, but it’s a reality.

10It Can Falter

Going forward, the possibility of HP faltering is greater than it has been in years. Over the past few years, HP has done extremely well. Most believed that it couldn’t do anything wrong. But it looks like the company can falter, especially with its current leadership. That doesn’t mean that it will, but the possibility is more present than it has been in years.