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In B2B World, Earnings Hinge on Customer Service

Influential FactorInfluential Factor

71% of executives said their customers’ rising expectations for a convenient experience affect how to engage with them.

Continuous MonitoringContinuous Monitoring

70% said their customers are always monitoring and evaluating their suppliers; this requires a more flexible, ongoing engagement.

Useful KnowledgeUseful Knowledge

93% of master customer experience B2B organizations understand the importance of customer experience strategy and execution capabilities, compared with 57% of laggard organizations.


65% of masters value customer metrics as a way to lend insights to improve the customer experience while only 10% of laggards do.

Big SpendBig Spend

78% of masters plan to increase their customer experience budget significantly in the next fiscal year, as opposed to just 20% of laggards.

Motivated WorkforceMotivated Workforce

91% of masters provide employee incentives to achieve needed customer experience outcomes while only 47% of laggards do.

Watchful EyeWatchful Eye

93% of master businesses reported that they’re good at tracking overall customer experience delivery to measure the value impact and identify improvements while 61% of laggards said they are.

Simplifying MattersSimplifying Matters

92% of master companies indicate they perform well in dealing with complexity organization-wide, compared with 51% of laggards.

Team ApproachTeam Approach

90% of master organizations consider collaboration throughout functions and with partners important, but only 55% of laggards do.

Enlightened InteractionsEnlightened Interactions

93% of master businesses indicate that they perform well in identifying differentiated experiences that align with customers’ needs and expectations, compared with just 55% of laggards.