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After a decade of focusing nearly exclusively on defending the perimeter, security vendors have begun to divert more of their attention to the last frontier of digital security: the soft, chewy center of corporate networks.

The problem for these vendors isn’t so much about keeping attackers out; they leave that to the firewall and IDS (intrusion detection system) crowd. Instead, a growing number of software and hardware vendors, including Sanctum Inc., Kavado Inc., Application Security Inc. and Intrusic Inc., are concerned with limiting the damage caused by intruders who slip past those other defenses.

The ways that these companies approach the problem vary widely, and two good examples of this diversity are the solutions unveiled at the RSA Conference by Intrusic and Application Security.

Intrusic took the wraps off its Zephon system, which is designed to pick up where today’s existing security technologies leave off. The solution does not attempt to detect or block scans, attacks or intrusions. Instead, it combs networks for evidence of successful compromises and then provides detailed statistics and recommendations on how to remediate the problems. The idea is to eradicate the actual problem, not just its symptoms.

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