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1Companies Grow From Adversity

History shows that in the technology industry companies tend to grow from adversity as long as they have a solid foundation of products. Cisco has that, especially in its router and switching business. It wasn’t long ago that another company&#151 Apple&#151was in an even more difficult position and overcame adversity. Maybe Cisco can follow suit.

2It Understands Its Core Competencies

Cisco has spent quite a while trying to expand out from its core competencies. The company prospecting in too many markets and along the way it forgot about what it does best. Cisco’s restructuring and layoffs announcement acknowledges Cisco’s refocus on what’s important. And that could prove to be the foundation for its future.

3The Cius Isn’t A Bad Idea

Some have criticized Cisco for pursuing the tablet market with its Cius. But the reality is, the device could very well be a winner. Enterprise users are looking for tablets, and many IT decision-makers are unwilling to adopt the iPad. If the Cius can offer the right balance of functionality and price, it might just find a suitable home in the corporate world.

4The Financials Are There

All the discussions on Cisco’s supposed demise seem to ignore that the company is still financially sound. During the last quarter ended April 30, Cisco generated a profit of $1.8 billion on revenue of $10.8 billion. Although it faces troubles, Cisco is still financially sound.

5No Title

Wall Street Hasn’t Bailed YetThere’s no debating that Cisco’s stock price has plummeted in the last year. In fact, according to Google Finance data, its shares are down over 31 percent in the past 12 months. But Wall Street hasn’t bailed entirely. And in the last month, Cisco’s stock is up 4.49 percent. Investors are still seeing value in Cisco, and that’s a good thing for the company.

6Layoffs Can Be Good For A Company

There are two ways to look at layoffs. Some say that layoffs are an indication that trouble is afoot and more issues will arise in the coming weeks, months, and years. However, others find layoffs to be a valid cost-cutting method to get a company back on track. It’s never good when employees are cut, but if Cisco wants a more financially sound future, it was a necessary step.

7IT Still Trusts Cisco

There are many IT decision makers out there who are concerned about Cisco’s future and rethinking their plans for the coming months and years. However, the vast majority of IT staff still believes in Cisco products and thinks that the company can offer something worthwhile. That’s good news for Cisco, and as long as it has the trust of IT, it will be just fine.

8It’s Forgetting About Consumers

One of the biggest mistakes Cisco made over the last several years was pursuing the consumer market, for instance, the Flip video camcorder and Cisco’s ill-fated attempt to be a video-conferencing provider for consumer living rooms. Now, Cisco has stopped focusing on consumers, and in the process, the company can get back to doing what it does best: appealing to enterprise IT.

9The Money-Spending Seems to Be Over

Cisco made a series of misguided acquisitions over the last several years, most notably its purchase of Flip. Now that Cisco is retracting a bit and trying to right the ship, its desire to spend has been diminished. That’s a good thing. Cisco doesn’t appear to know what it’s doing when it acquires companies. So, the best move it can make is to not do so. And so far, it looks like the company is heeding that advice.

10Cisco Needs Better Pricing

Cisco is facing an inordinate amount of pressure from competitors, including HP, on pricing. The company’s routers and switches too expensive for corporate customers, and those customers are going elsewhere for their needs. By reducing expenses and cutting staff, Cisco should be able to get more competitive on pricing. If Cisco can deliver the right value for the right prices, it might just see its business start to grow again.