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1Ciscos Spending Spree 18 Acquisitions

newScale – March, 2011• Software that offers a service catalog and self-service portal for cloud services. • Privately held. Terms not disclosed.

2No Title

Inlet Technologies – February, 2011• Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) digital media processing platforms to strengthen Cisco’s Videoscape TV platform.• Privately held. Price: $95 million cash

3No Title

Pari Networks – January, 2011• Network configuration and change management (NCCM) and compliance management solutions. Intended to help Cisco and partners manage the health and stability of customer networks through proactive services.• Privately held. Terms not disclosed

4No Title

LineSider Technologies – December, 2010• Network management software to securely create and deploy cloud computing infrastructure. • Privately held. Terms not disclosed

5No Title

Arch Rock Corporation – September, 2010• IP-based wireless network technology for smart-grid applications. • Privately held. Terms not disclosed.

6No Title

ExtendMedia – August, 2010• Software-based Content Management Systems (CMS) for video content.• Privately held. Terms not disclosed

7No Title

CoreOptics – May 2010• Digital signal processing (DSP) solutions for high-speed optical networking applications. • Privately held. Price: $99 million in cash.

8No Title

MOTO Development Group – May, 2010• Design consulting that develops products and product strategies for the consumer industry. • Privately held. Terms not disclosed.

9No Title

Set-Top Box Business of DVN (Holdings) – November, 2009• Digital cable solutions in China.• Price: up to $44.5 million.

10No Title

ScanSafe – October, 2009• SaaS Web security solutions for global enterprises to small businesses. • Privately held. Price: $183 million cash.

11No Title

Starent Networks – October, 2009• IP-based mobile infrastructure solutions targeting mobile and converged carriers. • Publicly held. Price: $2.9 billion.

12No Title

Tandberg – October, 2009• Video communications, including video endpoint and network infrastructure solutions with intercompany and multi-vendor interoperability. • Publicly held. Price $3.3 billion

13No Title

Tidal Software – April, 2009• Intelligent application management and automation solutions for the data center.• Privately held. Terms not disclosed

14No Title

Pure Digital Technologies – March, 2009• Flip Video camcorder creator.• Privately held. Price $590 in stock.

15No Title

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence – January, 2009• Intelligent middleware technology for integration of building infrastructure and information technology applications over a common Internet Protocol (IP) network.• Privately held. Terms not disclosed.

16No Title

Jabber – September, 2008• Presence and messaging software. • Privately held. Terms not disclosed.

17No Title

PostPath – August, 2008• Email and calendaring software. • Privately held. Price: $215 million.

18No Title

Pure Networks – July, 2008• Home networking-management software and tools. • Privately held. Price: $120 million