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10 Important Facts the Channel Should Know About Google

Google Docs WorksGoogle Docs Works

It’s easy to pitch to clients that they need Office, but Google Docs works and it works well. There’s collaboration, support for multiple platforms and ease-of-use. It’s a solid platform.

Think About the CompanyThink About the Company

Google is a huge, powerful company with no signs of slowing down. It’s high time we start acknowledging that and realizing that the sooner we accept Google, the better.

Google Drive, Anyone?Google Drive, Anyone?

With Google Drive, it is easy to store content in the cloud and share it with others, and it’s one of the better storage solutions out there.

It's a BYOD ConcernIt’s a BYOD Concern

You’re undoubtedly dealing with customers that want to use personal solutions, so don’t be surprised if they mention Google. Accepting Google is a must.

Microsoft Is Playing Catch-UpMicrosoft Is Playing Catch-Up

Microsoft might be doing well offline, but online, the company is still playing catch-up to Google. If you want to be forward-thinking, go with Google and make that point to customers.

Full Integration Is ImportantFull Integration Is Important

One of the nice things about Google’s offerings is that they integrate the company’s many services, including email, Google Docs, Google Drive and others.

Gmail Works WellGmail Works Well

Gmail works exceedingly well for most corporate users. The threading is a great feature and it’s reliable.

Collaboration Is a CinchCollaboration Is a Cinch

Collaboration through Google’s documents couldn’t be better. The entire team can work on documents and get work done together. It’s a great feature.

Think of the BudgetThink of the Budget

One of the nice things about Google is that it’s relatively cheap. Indeed, signing up for Google Apps costs just $50 per user per year. If you’re worried about client budgets, Google Apps is a good way to go.

There's Much More to ComeThere’s Much More to Come

Google plans to make more inroads into the enterprise in the coming months and years. That’s a good reason for the channel to forge more ties with Google.