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11. Start Working With Dell

Microsoft should immediately ink a deal with Dell to deliver tablets to compete with WebOS devices. Although Dell is also working with Google on Android-based products, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company won’t find reason to also offer some Windows machines, too.

22. Forget About HP

Once Microsoft deepens its relationship with Dell, the company needs to forget about any partnership it may or may not have with HP. Yes, HP promises a slate that would run Windows, but, all that has changed. Microsoft can’t waste time trying to coax HP for no good reason. It’s simply a waste of time.

33. Play A Role In Design

To be successful in the tablet space, Microsoft must play a role in tablet design. To say Microsoft is a software vendor and should stay that way is short-sighted. Apple is developing both the software and the hardware that will govern the iPad’s success going forward. Microsoft must follow suit.

44. Take Cues From Apple

Microsoft must truly understand what Apple is doing with its iPad. As the only major player in the tablet space, Apple is the single company that knows what it needs to do in order to be successful. That’s an important. And it would be foolish of Microsoft if it didn’t take cues from it.

55. Optimize the Operating System

Windows 7 is a fine operating system that does a lot right. But so far, the software is unproven on a tablet. Some developers speculate that Win 7 might be a little too robust to work well in a tablet setting. Realizing that, it’s time for Microsoft to optimize Windows 7 for tablets. Considering WebOS is already prepared for the tablet world, it’s up to Microsoft to match it.

66. Consider A Hardware Product

It might go against Microsoft’s core strategy all these years, notwithstanding the Xbox, but the company should seriously consider offering a hardware product of its own rather than seeking out other hardware competition. Yes, it could hurt Microsoft’s relations with other vendors in the market, but if it keeps its strategy solely to tablets, the company should be fine. The future of the tablet market is too important for Microsoft to pass up.

77. Build A Competitor

Considering how much money Microsoft generates each quarter, it might be worth it for the company to invest in its own WebOS competitor. As it has been made fully aware by Google, the future of the tech industry is in the cloud with operating systems that use the Internet. By building a cloud-connected mobile operating system, Microsoft can position itself far more effectively in the mobile market.

88. Start Thinking About Acer

If Microsoft doesn’t want to get bogged down in building the tablet itself, the company should also consider partnering with Acer. Although Dell could be central to its ability to take on HP, Acer could also play a major role. Acer is widely expected to overtake HP as the world’s top computer maker in the coming years. Plus, such a deal between Microsoft and Acer could block Google from gaining a relationship with the world’s second-largest PC maker.

99. Remember Windows Phone 7

Microsoft must remember that every other company in the tablet market is using a smartphone operating system to run on a tablet. Apple has iOS, which for iPhone and iPad. Google plans to deliver tablets that run Android, which also runs on many smartphones. HP’s future smartphones and tablets will feature WebOS. Microsoft has Windows Phone 7. If it’s smart and it does what it should, the company can bring Windows Phone 7 to tablets to better match the competition.

1010. Be Microsoft

In the end, it’s important for Microsoft to be Microsoft. The company needs to find a way to deliver a tablet that helps corporate customers be more productive. It must offer a solution that offers productivity above all else. And most importantly, it must deliver an experience that matches what consumers and enterprise customers are looking for in other Microsoft products. Microsoft has been successful being Microsoft. The company can’t lose sight of that as it battles it out with HP and its WebOS platform.