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11. Any Cloud Storage Company

It’s becoming clear that Dell just doesn’t have what it takes to acquire 3PAR. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other companies out there it can’t target. The PC maker needs to acquire the best 3PAR alternative on the market. It doesn’t matter which company, but it needs to do it sooner rather than later.

22. Lenovo

It might a hard sell, but Dell should do everything it can to acquire Lenovo. As a key enterprise player, Lenovo is one firm that Dell could benefit heavily off of with an acquisition. It could allow Lenovo to operate independently and simply use it to bolster its enterprise offerings. It’s worth considering, at the very least.

33. Vyatta

Vyatta might not seem like the obvious choice, but its open-source network operating system could go a long way in helping Dell bolster its corporate-services division. With Vyatta’s help, Dell could vastly improve its enterprise routing and security offerings, as well. And in the process, the company could give it at least a fighting chance against HP’s solutions.

44. RIM

If Dell was forced to agree to a merger, the company should try its best to get RIM on its side. The reason why is simple: Dell has smartphone issues. And the best way for it to fend off HP’s WebOS play, as well as Apple’s iPhone, is to buy a company that already knows what it takes to be successful. And RIM is that company.

55. Any Security Vendor

It doesn’t matter which security vendor it picks, but Dell should acquire one of the biggest security companies in the world. After Intel announced that it acquired McAfee, the rest of the companies competing in the mobile market were put on notice. And now the onus is on Dell and every other firm to respond. What better response is there than to acquire a company like Symantec or Kaspersky labs?

66. Invest In the Social World

Dell won’t be able to acquire Facebook (nor should it try), but it might be worth investing in one of the prominent social networks. The social Web is the future. And both Microsoft and Google are investing heavily in that space. Dell has the opportunity to ensure those firms don’t get too far ahead — and profit off social networks as they continue to grow.

77. Toshiba’s Computing Division

Toshiba is performing far too well for Dell to acquire it outright. But its computing division is arguably one place where the tech firm could stand to cut some fat. And Dell, a company that is trying to reconnect with the consumer space, could benefit from that. Toshiba might not seem like the obvious choice, but it might be a good one.

88. CommVault

Although CommVault has said time and again that it doesn’t want to be acquired, its strategic partnership with Dell could make it a viable investment target for the PC company. CommVault offers a slew of services, including enterprise-backup and data protection, that would go a long way in bolstering Dell’s services. Plus, it can likely be acquired for a reasonable amount. Why shouldn’t Dell acquire it?

99. HTC (Or A Cheaper Android Handset Maker)

HTC is arguably one of the most important Android makers in the world. And as a company that’s trying desperately to make a splash in the Android space, Dell would seem like the obvious suitor for HTC. But if it can’t get the company for a good price, Dell should try to find another Android maker. Google’s mobile operating system stands at the head of the mobile market. Dell should be standing there with it.

1010. A New CEO

OK, so a new CEO might not be a company, but it’s time that Dell starts considering another CEO. Michael Dell did wonders for Dell back in the 1990s. But since he has come back to the company, Dell hasn’t done much to change its luck. Maybe Mark Hurd could do the trick. Or perhaps Dell should look elsewhere. Either way, Michael Dell just doesn’t have what it takes to be at Dell’s helm any longer.