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Big data risks

1 - As Big Data Projects Grow, Security Concerns Do TooAs Big Data Projects Grow, Security Concerns Do Too

As interest in big data projects grows, the need to make sure all that data is protected and secure is increasing, as well.

2 - Big Data Use GrowsBig Data Use Grows

28% of respondents say they now have more than a year of experience working with big data repositories; 38% are in various early adoption stages.

3 - Reasons for Investing in Big DataReasons for Investing in Big Data

A full 73% cite the need to make better business decisions, followed by gaining greater insight into customer behavior, at 61%.

4 - Securing Big Data Becomes a PrioritySecuring Big Data Becomes a Priority

43% are ready to implement some form of big data security. In general, they report that there is increased spending on data security at their organizations.

5 - Data Security Concerns Hinder Big Data DeploymentsData Security Concerns Hinder Big Data Deployments

A full 73% say data security concerns thwart or delay initiatives frequently or sometimes.

6 - Data Security Tools in UseData Security Tools in Use

A high percentage of respondents employ multiple tools, including network monitoring (82%), data encryption (80%), access controls (79%), perimeter controls (69%), volume and file encryption (63%) and data masking (43%). Yet only 47% are confident all their sensitive data is secure.

7 - Data Security Processes in PlaceData Security Processes in Place

Annual audits (42%), automated tools (29%) or ad hoc audits (14%) are relied on most to assess data security risk.

8 - Number of Big Data Audits FailedNumber of Big Data Audits Failed

Although 62% say their companies have passed their audits, 11% have failed. Another 20% don’t know if they have failed an audit.

9 - Access to Big DataAccess to Big Data

While 80% say their IT teams have access to sensitive data, another 40% say development and test teams also access that data. Another 29% say it is available to end users.

10 - Big Data Security AccountabilityBig Data Security Accountability

A full 88% say the IT security team would be held responsible for a data security breach. Just 47% think the CEO/board of directors would be held accountable.