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  • PwC: Channel Profile & Services

    PwC: Channel Profile & Services
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    PricewaterhouseCoopers – broadly known as PwC – is an international network of professional services providers specializing in industry assurance and advisory services. PwC has long been known for its tax, accounting, and assurance services, but the veteran network of firms hasn’t missed the rise of IT services and solutions. As a top enterprise IT channel… Read more

  • Deloitte: Channel Profile & Services

    Deloitte: Channel Profile & Services
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    Deloitte is an international professional services network and the largest of the Big Four accountancies in net revenue and global workforce. We at Channel Insider recently named Deloitte a top enterprise IT channel partner and cloud managed service provider (MSP). The company shines in its longstanding tax, audit, and financial advisory services, with a growing… Read more

  • Top 22 IT Channel Partners

    Top 22 IT Channel Partners
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    A great channel partner is in the eye of the beholder and can depend on whom you ask. Analysts, industry groups, IT vendors, and customers all have their own views on the best IT channel partners. The diversity of channel categories also makes it hard to identify the top players, ranging from managed service providers… Read more

  • Microsoft Releases Workarounds for DoS Zero-Day Bug in ASP.NET

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    Microsoft has released a workaround for an ASP.NET vulnerability to help protect Websites against potential denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, according to a security advisory. The publicly disclosed vulnerability affects all supported versions of the .NET framework, but Microsoft is "not aware" of any attacks in the wild currently exploiting the flaw, Dave Forstrom, director of Microsoft… Read more

  • Apache Confirms Web Server DoS Vulnerability, Promises Quick Patch

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    A denial-of-service tool that exploits a security flaw in the Apache Web server software is available in the wild. The Apache team is working on a fix and is expected to roll it out over the next few days. Called "Apache Killer," the DoS tool appeared Aug. 19 on the "Full Disclosure" security mailing list.… Read more

  • Microsoft Issues Warning About Bug Found By Google Engineer

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    Microsoft issues a security advisory in response to the publication by a Google employee of attack code for a zero-day vulnerability affecting Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The vulnerability, uncovered by Google engineer Tavis Ormandy, affects “the Windows Help and Support Center function that is delivered with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003,” Microsoft… Read more