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Having lived in Asia for a couple of years, I have an enduring fondness for the way Chinese and Korean culture allow a freedom of self-expression in the face of adversity that has been stunted here in the U.S.

Submitted for your approval, today’s admission by HBSC that a Hong Kong branch lost the personal details of 160,000 bank customers. This would have touched off incessant hand wringing in Boston or stern murmuring in London. But in Hong Kong, folks are storming the bank. Shouting. Pounding on counters. Closing their accounts.


Why didn’t we do that to TJ Maxx or the Department of Veterans Affairs or any one of the number of clowns who have given away our personal information? I really wish I had rolled up to a Marshall’s or a Home Goods and given some manager what-for. But no. I bought credit monitoring and replaced my ATM card.

Well, good on you, Hong Kongians. I hope HBSC is a few customers lighter and a few million dollars short in deposits by tomorrow — the result of people acting in their own, angry best interest.