Security vendor Sophos touts the recent release of its Sophos Security and Data Protection solution not only as breaking new ground for the vendor, but as the start of a series of robust security solutions that are at the same time actually simple enough for a broad channel made up of more than just focused security specialists to deploy.

"We have taken the technology acquired from Utimaco and made their encryption technology part of our end point offering," said Sophos CMO Rainer Gawlick, and in so doing becoming the first vendor to offer this particular bundled package. Since that acquisition concluded in the fall of 2008, Sophos has sold the Utimaco product line separately. Now the encryption and endpoint protection solutions have been blended together into a single product.

Gawlick said that the new solution is much more than just a typical upgraded product that it opens up the mainstream mass market for this kind of solution.

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