Is Your Endpoint Security Keeping up with Growing Malware Threats

1Is Your Endpoint Security Keeping up with Growing Malware Threats

43 percent of organizations saw a surge in malware in 2010, particularly in sophisticated and hard-to-detect malware.

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98 percent of organizations experienced a virus or malware-based network intrusion, with 35 percent reporting 50 malware attempts or more in a one-month timeframe.

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One third of those surveyed reported that they had no restrictions on which applications run on their network.

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An additional third of respondents have application policies but don’t enforce them.

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About 55 percent of organizations report that preventing unknown or bad applications from being installed on the endpoint is a major challenge, while 47 percent reported that preventing those same applications from being executed is a challenge.

6Top 5 Apps That Concern IT:

• 3rd party applications outside of Microsoft (58 percent) • Adobe (54 percent) • Google Docs (46 percent) • Microsoft OS/applications (44 percent)• Oracle applications (39 percent)

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While vulnerability assessment is considered effective by 70 percent of organizations, only 51 percent actually use these solutions.

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Device control is considered effective by 57 percent of professionals, but only 26 percent of organizations use these products.

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Similarly, application white-listing is considered effective by 44 percent and only 29 percent use this technology.

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And 61 percent of organizations think endpoint management and security suites are effective, but only 40 percent of organizations have this kind of platform.


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