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Doing more
with less is the newly emphasized mantra of today’s IT departments –
thanks to a faltering economy and shrinking IT budgets. With that in
mind, some may question why Fortinet chose now to come out with an
enterprise security appliance. After all, money is tight and the last
thing many IT managers want to do is purchase new hardware.

quells those concerns by emphasizing the fact that the FortiGate 620
does indeed do more with less – more functions with less money, that
is. And that should be good news to solution providers looking to sell
new hardware and services into a market that is contracting financially.

FortiGate 620B is positioned as an enterprise security appliance that
offers full unified threat management capabilities and integrates many
features and services into a single high-performance box. By increasing
performance, a single device can do more while costing less in the
long run when compared to a bevy of standalone devices.

FortiGate-620B appliance achieves the “less is more” concept by
integrating eight core security functions, including anti-virus,
intrusion prevention (IPS), spyware prevention, anti-spam, Web content
filtering, traffic shaping, VPN and firewall. The FortiGate 620B is
highly configurable and allows solution providers to offer their
customers a few or all of the unit’s capabilities from the start. For
customers choosing to go with a reduced feature set, the device does
not prove to be a dead end; a Fortinet partner can upgrade and update
the device to handle more functions as the need arises.