Consumer Tech Products An IT Security Nightmare

1Consumer Tech Products An IT Security Nightmare

84 percent of organizations are allowing employees to use consumer technology such as iPads, iPhones, Facebook, Twitter and instant messages.

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Of the 16 percent of organizations that don’t let employees use consumer technology in the workplace, 64 percent suspect employees are using it anyway.

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71 percent of organizations that do not allow consumer technology in the workplace do nothing more than issue a warning to employees who violate policy.

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48 percent of organizations that allow consumer technology in the workplace allow users to choose which technologies they use.

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11 percent of organizations rely on “employee good judgment” alone to ensure that consumer devices and applications are used securely within the organization.

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Another 22 percent of organizations only rely on policies to guide users into making safe decisions about how they’re using consumer technology in the workplace.

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Just over half of organizations, though, have policies in place as well as some sort of technology to help enforce those policies surrounding the use of consumer technology.

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56 percent of respondents said they either have no consumer technology adoption strategy in place or do not know if their company even has a plan.

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Only 29 percent have an adoption plan, and only 13 percent are in the process of developing a plan to integrate consumer technology into overall IT.


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