Blockbuster: HP Buys Fortify Date:

1Blockbuster: HP Buys Fortify Date:

August Price Tag: Rumored to be at least $200 millionSpecialty Gained: Software security

2Darkhorse: Boeing Buys Narus

Date: JulySpecialty Gained: real-time network traffic and analytics softwareSignificance: This buy allows the aerospace giant a toe-hold into the lucrative government cybersecurity space in order to better compete with other mega-government vendors such as Northrop Grumman.

3Blockbuster: CA Technologies Buys Arcot

Date: August Price Tag: $250 millionSpecialty Gained: Fraud prevention and authentication

4Dark Horse: Quest Software buys Volcker Informatick

Date: JulySpecialty Gained: Identity and access management softwareSignificance: Quest will bolster its play in the identity and access management (IAM) space by purchasing Volcker’s strong user and resource provisioning, self-service and workflow functionalities to add to the existing Quest IAM solution set.

5Blockbuster: IBM Buys BigFix

Date: JulyPrice Tag: $400 millionSpecialty Gained: Endpoint security and monitoring

6Dark Horse: Dell Buys Kace

Date: FebruarySpecialty Gained: Endpoint securitySignificance: In addition to a passel of systems management solutions, Kace provides Dell with robust configuration and patch management capabilities focused squarely on the SMB.

7Blockbuster: Symantec Buys PGP and Guardian Edge

Date: April Price Tag: $370 million Specialty Gained: Encryption

8Dark Horse: Raytheon buys Technology Associates

Date: OctoberSpecialty Gained: Data Extraction and analysis; information assurance servicesSignificance: Raytheon added another building block to its already strong federal cybersecurity service fortress with its pick-up of Technology Associates

9Blockbuster: 3M Buys Cogent

Date: AugustPrice Tag: $943 million Specialty Gained: Biometric security

10Dark Horse: Oracle buys Passlogix

Date: OctoberSpecialty Gained: Single Sign On (SSO) authenticationSignificance: This new capability will better enable Oracle customers to comply with strict compliance mandates around the way IT systems are accessed.

11Blockbuster: Symantec Buys Verisigns Authentication

Business Date: May Price Tag: $1.28 billion Specialty Gained: SSL authentication

12Dark Horse: Trustwave Buys Breach Security Date: June

Specialty Gained: Web application firewallSignificance: Trustwave’s play within the PCI security market was shored up with this important technology buy, adding Breach’s mature WAF to Trustwave’s portfolio.

13Blockbuster: Juniper Networks buys Altor Networks

Date: DecemberPrice Tag: $95 millionSpecialty Gained: Cloud and virtual security

14Dark Horse: Webroot buys Bright Cloud

Date: JulySpecialty Gained: Cloud-based malware detectionSignificance: Webroot shores up its Web protection offerings by purchasing Bright Cloud’s SaaS Web reputation and content classification capabilities.

15Blockbuster: VMware Buys TriCipher

Date: August Price Tag: Rumored to be $118 million Specialty Gained: Authentication

16Dark Horse: EMC buys Archer Technologies

Date: JanuarySpecialty Gained: Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) softwareSignificance: The addition of Archer Technologies further strengthens EMC’s RSA subsidiary when it comes to competing for highly sought-after compliance dollars.

17Blockbuster: HP Buys ArcSight

Date: September Price Tag: $1.5 billion Specialty Gained: Security Information and Event Monitoring

18Dark Horse: Oracle buys Secerno

Date: MaySpecialty Gained: Database securitySignificance: Oracle will integrate Secerno’s database firewall and activity monitoring functionality directly into its database products, particularly to the benefit of organizations looking for a stopgap in the patching lifecycle between patch release and actual deployment.

19Blockbuster: Intel Buys McAfee

Date: AugustPrice Tag: $7.6 billionSpecialty Gained: Security across the enterprise and across all types of infrastructure

20Dark Horse: AVG buys Droid Security

Date: NovemberSpecialty Gained: Mobile SecuritySignificance: AVG buys itself some more relevance in the antivirus market by making a serious play for protecting all classes of Android devices.


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