Beware Cyber Monday Addressing Online Shopping Risks

1Beware Cyber Monday Addressing Online Shopping Risks

Approximately 96 percent of survey respondents believe that the average employee spends at least one to two hours shopping online using a work-supplied computer or a smartphone during the holiday season.

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About a quarter of respondents estimate that workers spend three to five hours shopping online with work-supplied devices throughout the holidays.

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Just over 30 percent of respondents believe that online shopping during the holidays costs their business at least $15,000 in lost productivity.

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Only a third of companies explicitly prohibit employees from using work e-mail addresses for personal online shopping or other non-work uses.

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About 43 percent of organizations allow employees to use mobile devices provided by the business for personal use, including online shopping.

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Just under half of ISACA professionals rate the risks to the organization from an employee clicking on an e-mail link to access an online shopping site from a work-supplied computer or smart phone as highly risky behavior.

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About 65 percent of these respondents believe that an employee using his or her work e-mail address as contact information for online shopping sites as moderately to highly risky.

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Fewer than half of organizations have a security policy in place that addresses online shopping.

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Only 60 percent of those organizations train employees about that policy.

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Just over 20 percent of organizations educate employees about the risk of online shopping but don’t have a policy.

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Fewer than 20 percent of organizations block retail websites for their employees.

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Only 6 percent of organizations provide a “guest” or segregated network and computing resources for employees to use for shopping and personal online activities.


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