Android Mobile Security A Growing Threat

1Android Mobile Security A Growing Threat

Juniper Global Threat Center measured a 472% increase in Android malware from July 2011 through November 2011.

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McAfee researchers said Android malware rose by 37% in the third quarter of 2011.

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Kaspersky Labs reports that Android malware made up 40% of all malware detected in 2011 through the third quarter.

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Ways Android malware attacks, according to Kaspersky’s researchers:•It steals data•Sends texts to premium-rate numbers•Forces subscribe the user to paid services

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Juniper says that 55% of Android malware is some sort of spyware, able to track phone information and send to a third party or potentially control the device.

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According to Juniper, SMS Trojans make up about 44% of all Android malware, sending SMS messages to premium numbers in the background of a legitimate app.

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McAfee researchers said that the Android platform was the only operating system in which all new mobile malware in Q3 would operate.

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While 47% of people don’t trust their mobile devices to store sensitive information, 81% mistrust their Android platform devices, according to a survey from Mocana.


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