Why Metrics Matter to the Channel

Why Metrics Matter to the Channel

Why Metrics Matter to the ChannelWhy Metrics Matter to the Channel

Vendors that don’t measure partner metrics and engagement activities are hampering the success of their channel partners and the efforts to grow partner revenue.

Multiple ResponsibilitiesMultiple Responsibilities

74% of the channel managers surveyed are responsible for tracking channel partner engagement, productivity and revenue.

Tracking ActivitiesTracking Activities

Surprisingly, 33% of channel managers don’t track partner revenue, and 69% don’t track both revenue and partner activities.

Mixed MessageMixed Message

One out of four channel managers who is evaluated on partner revenue doesn’t track partner revenue.

Lead GenerationLead Generation

Only 25% of channel managers track both portfolio depth and the number of leads brought in by partners.

Growth BarriersGrowth Barriers

47% of channel managers said they spend a lot of time on tasks that may not make their channel partners more productive.

Benefits of PRMBenefits of PRM

Channel managers who use PRM systems are nearly 10 times more likely to be satisfied with the resources to maintain and grow partner relationships, and are 4 times more likely to be very satisfied with the resources they use to measure partner engagement, productivity and revenue.

Substandard SatisfactionSubstandard Satisfaction

75% of channel managers who use a PRM system aren’t very satisfied with the amount of partner data they can access, and 75% aren’t very satisfied with their ability to measure the impact of their activities on channel partner success.

Lost BenefitsLost Benefits

One out of three channel managers doesn’t use a PRM system to collaborate with channel partners, and less than half use such a system to conduct periodic training.

Tracking PracticesTracking Practices

73% of the channel managers surveyed check at least one metric per week, but only 8% check more than one metric each week.

Wasted TimeWasted Time

50% of the channel managers said it takes at least 20 minutes to calculate the revenue of their largest partner from the past six months, and 35% said it takes 30 minutes or longer.


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