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Prominent, New Jersey-based cloud infrastructure company CoreWeave has been making sizable waves with its innovative approach to GPU-powered cloud services and is looking to go public in early 2025. Known for its unrivaled access to NVIDIA’s HGX H100 chips, CoreWeave facilitates the development of next-generation AI technologies through its products and platform and is establishing itself as a front-runner in the AI race.

Against the backdrop of the global chip shortage, the company’s inventory of high-powered GPUs has made it one of the largest GPU-specialized cloud service providers. “If you’re using AI in any part of your life — whether it’s ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot — there’s a good chance you’re using CoreWeave’s AI infrastructure,” said CoreWeave co-founder and CEO Mike Intrator.

The road to IPO: CoreWeave’s strategic ventures and investments

CoreWeave’s journey to its anticipated IPO is backed by a foundation of venture capital investments. With a valuation of $19 billion following a $1.1 billion Series C investment in May 2024, the company has attracted funding from notable investors such as NVIDIA, BlackRock, Blackstone, and Fidelity. The financial backing has enabled CoreWeave to expand its infrastructure and enhance its offerings.

Among AI startups like Anthropic, OpenAI, and HuggingFace, the company claims to be two years ahead of other cloud providers. Its flexible infrastructure is designed to be highly efficient for AI, giving it a competitive edge over larger competitors. Last year, CoreWeave more than quadrupled its data centers from three to 14 and plans to double that total this year as it expands into Europe.

“As the first institutional investor in CoreWeave, we have witnessed firsthand their remarkable evolution from a small startup to a go-to-market leader in advanced AI computing solutions,” said David Snyderman, chief investment officer and managing partner at Magnetar. “Given their already substantial and expanding AI infrastructure capabilities, coupled with enhanced institutional backing, CoreWeave is exceptionally well-positioned to deliver high-performance compute.”

Riding the momentum in the AI sector

The decision to go public marks a pivotal shift for CoreWeave, moving from a privately held, venture-backed entity to a publicly traded company. While the exact IPO date remains uncertain, the company’s management aims to capitalize on the current momentum in the AI sector. The potential for an AI bubble, combined with possible public offerings from AI platforms like Cerebras, suggests that market conditions could be favorable for CoreWeave’s public debut.

Opportunities for resellers and MSPs

CoreWeave’s ascent in the industry holds implications for the broader IT channel. As the company transitions to a public company, its enhanced visibility and financial resources are likely to drive increased demand for its cloud infrastructure solutions. This, in turn, presents opportunities for resellers to expand their product portfolios and offer their customers advanced AI and machine learning solutions.

By leveraging CoreWeave’s infrastructure, MSPs can enhance their service offerings, cater to a wider range of client needs, and position themselves as leaders in the evolving AI landscape. The IPO will likely lead to an influx of capital, enabling CoreWeave to expand further and potentially lower costs, making high-performance AI solutions more accessible to a broader market audience.

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