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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which wrapped up on January 12, unveiled many groundbreaking trends that are poised to reshape the technological landscape. For managed service providers (MSPs) and channel partners, staying ahead of these trends is crucial to ensure optimal service delivery to clients in today’s ever-changing tech environment.

Here’s what attendees got to take stock of as they strolled through the exhibit hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center earlier this month:

1. AI-driven devices take center stage

One of the most notable (if unsurprising) trends this year was the pervasive influence of AI-driven devices. Ranging from smart home solutions to personal gadgets, AI-driven devices are becoming integral parts of our daily lives. MSPs and channel partners need to be aware of the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence, as it will impact the support and integration services you’re able to provide.

2. IoT revolutionizes connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) also sat squarely in the spotlight of the latest technology. As smart homes and businesses become even smarter, service organizations must be prepared to handle the intricacies of IoT-enabled appliances. The ability to manage and secure a fully interconnected and automated commercial facility will be a significant concern as more and more organizations embrace these technological advancements.

3. Implications of 5G

5G technology continued its significant impact on various industries, from smartphones to smart cities. Level up for the implications of high-speed connectivity as the latest generation of devices capitalizes on unprecedented download speeds and low latency is crucial to servicing clients. Understanding the intricacies of 5G is essential in providing the key support and integration services clients seek.

4. Flexible displays address portability challenges

The emergence of rollable and foldable displays introduces new opportunities and challenges. Manufacturers debuted devices with screens that can be seamlessly folded or rolled to offer portability without compromising on screen size. Service providers need to adapt to accommodate the potential changes in device design, ensuring seamless integration and support for clients adopting these flexible displays.

5. Next-gen gaming and beyond

Next-gen gaming consoles and immersive gaming experiences using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) drew significant attention. For providers who cater to clients in the gaming or esports industry, gear up to prepare for the increased demand for these immersive technologies. AR and VR technologies are also increasingly being used in education, manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare, and other industries.

Stay informed to stay ahead

By closely monitoring these and other trends unveiled at this year’s show, service providers can gain valuable insights into the future of technology. From AI-driven devices to the widespread adoption of 5G and the opportunities posed by flexible displays, staying informed is essential for delivering cutting-edge solutions and maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic IT landscape.

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