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1Twitter for Business How to Create a Successful Presence

Tip #1: Plan aheadCreate a strategic plan for implementing your Twitter presence. An effective Twitter feed will require time and patience.

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Tip #2: Set aside the timeNo Twitter feed is better than an inactive Twitter feed. If you can’t set aside time on a daily basis to manage your Twitter account, think if you really want to be in the Twitterspace.

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Tip #3: Choose a good account nameChoose a username that will make you easy to find. Don’t select a cutesy name, but instead focus on a username that reflects your branding. If you’re managing a business Twitter feed, the username should be the business’ name.

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Tip #4: Upload a profile pictureUpload a picture that relates to your branding. Your business’ logo works best, although there is a school of thought that suggests a friendly face is better than a logo because people relate better to someone’s face than to a company logo.

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Tip #5: Connect to other social networksYour Twitter feed will get more exposure if you connect it to your other social media profiles, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Get the most out of your tweets by pushing them out to other social networks.

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Tip #6: Make your profile publicPrivate Twitter profiles are good for personal micro-blogging, but they’re not helpful to a business. You want to be found and easily accessible. Turn off Twitter’s protection settings.

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Tip #7: It’s not an ad campaignDon’t use Twitter like it’s free ad space. A good rule of thumb for tweets is to post eight tweets that have nothing to do with your services and one for your promotion of your services.

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Tip #8: Communicate with othersThose eight tweets that have nothing to do with your services should be used to communicate with others on Twitter. Get involved in discussions on Twitter and make yourself look like a friendly, helpful expert. It’ll attract followers.

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Tip #9: Create conversationsTwitter really is a community, albeit a massive one. Create conversations with others on Twitter instead of pushing advertising constantly. You’ll come off as a trusted expert rather than a shill.

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Tip #10: Solve problemsHelp others on Twitter solve problems related to your strengths. You’ll develop a relationship as a trusted expert (do you see a theme here?).

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Tip #11: Develop a custom backgroundCreate a custom background for your Twitter profile to set yourself apart from others. In the background, include links to your website and other social media pages. Make it pleasing to the eye and informative.

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Tip #12: Fill out your bioComplete the bio for your profile so users know who you are and what you do. Also make sure to put your website’s link on your profile.

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Tip #13: Don’t be too personalAvoid overly personal tweets. Be professional.

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Tip #14: Be positiveNegativity on the Internet is easy to find. Be positive and you’ll give a much better impression to other Twitter users.

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Tip #15: Follow your followersThe easiest way to get noticed on Twitter is to follow others with similar interests. When others follow you, reciprocate by following them.

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Tip #16: Promote your profilePromote your Twitter profile like you would promote your website. In fact, promote it from your website.

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Tip #17: Have patiencePatience is a virtue. You’re not going to get business from Twitter tomorrow. It’s going to take time before you start seeing the results of your efforts, so don’t get discouraged.

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Tip #18: Don’t be phoneyPeople can spot a phoney from miles away. Be genuine and helpful, and you’ll attract followers and, eventually, business.