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Trend Micro is introducing the latest version of Trend Micro Worry-Free
Business Security at a time when its research shows more than half of small to
midsized businesses (SMBs) continue to struggle with adequate security

Reinforced with new features that are powered by the Trend Micro Smart
Protection Network, this next-generation security infrastructure provides a
unique approach to blocking viruses, spyware, spam and Web threats before they
reach business networks.

Dal Gemmell, global product marketing manager of Trend Micro, said the vendor
did much research and zeroed in on a number of "key pain points" SMBs
were experiencing when it came to security.

"Almost nine out of 10 small businesses have some form of antivirus but almost
half of them suffer attacks … another big pain point is the impact on
performance … and channel partners are trying to become the trusted adviser
and they’re hearing complaints about PCs slowing down and impacting
performance," he said. "Complexity of the solution; both small
businesses and the channel partner doesn’t want to spend a lot of time configuring
security products … they want to deploy quickly and move on to higher value
add tasks."

In terms of SMBs acquiring adequate security, Gemmell said it boils down to
partner-client comfort levels.

"With security, it really depends upon the relationship between the
channel partner and the customer," he said. "That’s not something
that’s unique to security."

The Smart Protection Network is at the core of both previous and new
technologies integrated with Worry-Free Business Security. With its
underpinnings of automatic Web Threat Protection, all-in-one, integrated
defense against a variety of threats, and zero administration, Trend Micro Worry
Free Business Security 6.0 has "smart" new features that imparts a
smarter and more effective approach than conventional antivirus:

  • URL Filtering, unique to Trend Micro and unavailable in competitive solutions,
    helps maintain business productivity and adds protection against Web threats by
    proactively blocking inappropriate, risky or non-business related Websites.
    Users can configure filter strength, rules and business/leisure hours.
  • Smart Protection Network-Powered Smart Scan is a breakthrough, approach that
    provides more effective protection than typical conventional antivirus. Smart
    Scan scans faster, and updates quicker to detect and remove the increasing
    number of threats, while minimizing the performance impact to protected
  • By leveraging Smart Protection Network file reputation technologies, Smart
    Scan stops threats by storing the majority of detection technologies (up to 80
    percent compared with conventional scanning) on the local security server and
    accessed as needed. By keeping these technologies off of local PCs and servers,
    this approach extends the life of hardware and prevents the slowdown of
    computers over time.
  • Smart Protection Network-Powered Smart Feedback, another technology unique to
    Trend Micro, simply and automatically feeds back security-related issues and
    events to Trend Micro, where it is quickly analyzed, and updates are made to
    rapidly protect all customers. Smart Feedback identifies new threats faster to
    protect users rapidly. Faster identification and response to new threats means
    faster protection.

There’s also an enhanced version of Worry-Free Remote Manager, designed for
channel partners. Worry-Free Remote Manager provides integrated installation
with both Worry-Free Business Security 6.0 and now supports InterScan Messaging
Hosted Security for stopping spam and other e-mail threats before they reach
the network. Worry-Free Remote Manager allows partners to add customers to
their console during their initial installation of Worry-Free Business
Security. Worry-Free Remote Manager support will be available alongside
Worry-Free Business Security 6.0.

"The ability to import and export configuration settings; for channel
partners … rather than having to do the same configurations for 10 customers,
I can export the data files from one customer to another and I don’t need to
configure it," he explained. "Worry-Free Remote Manager is available
to our partners at no cost. … We also included support for hosted mail
filtering so from a single console you can see all of your Trend endpoint
customers and get status on the hosted mail filtering as well. … We’re
willing to invest in them to help them become more operationally

"If small businesses think increasing protection against threats means
decreasing computer performance over time, they need to think again," said
Steve Quane, general manager of Trend Micro’s SMB business unit.
"Worry-Free Business Security, with features powered by the Trend Micro
Smart Protection Network, keeps constantly updated, scans faster while
minimizing impact to PCs, and requires no user interaction. Trend Micro allows
businesses to stop worrying about security so they can focus on their

Other new features in Worry-Free Business Security 6.0 include:

  • USB Device Protection automatically
    protects PCs from infected USB devices,
    preventing threats such as the Autorun malware from spreading across business
    networks. Threats coming from removable media devices such as USB
    sticks are on the rise, meaning small businesses cannot afford to ignore this
    potential source of infections.
  • Enhanced Security Dashboard reinforces Trend Micro’s goal of
    zero-administration solutions for its small business customers. It provides
    at-a-glance status checking. Users can sort by dashboard traffic lights to
    quickly understand security status, which minimizes time and energy spent on
    analyzing computers status.
  • Worry-Free Business Security 6.0, certified for Windows Vista, is expected to
    be available for download on May 29. Per-user pricing varies by seat count and
    price decreases with volume. For a one-year license of Worry-Free Business
    Security Standard, the two- to 25-seat level is $37.75 per user. For a one-year
    license of Worry-Free Business Security Advanced, the two- to 25-seat level is
    $62.02 per user.