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When the throng of techies descent of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, many will be looking for any news Microsoft has on Windows 7, the much anticipated replacement to the maligned Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft isn’t writing off Vista just yet, but it has extended the life of Windows XP to system builders through distributors. Is this the end of Vista? Does Windows 7 have a chance? Channel Insider asks all these questions and gets to some of the answers in this special report.  


Ode to Broken Windows (Vista)
Despite Microsoft’s repeated efforts, Vista is a failed experiment. Worse for the boys in Redmond, Vista may mark the turning point when Microsoft lost the operating system as the foundation of its business.


Does Microsoft have a
Chance with Windows 7? 

From a solution provider’s perspective, the beta of the much anticipated replacement for Window Vista is not a dramatic change but does make small improvements for the better.


Vista’s Prematurely
Reported Death

While Vista bashing reigns rampant, the truth about Microsoft’s beleaguered Windows operating system is buried behind the anti-hype.



Vista Views: What Users
Say About the Windows
Operating System

Channel Insider readers had a lot to say about our opinion column "Ode to Broken Windows (Vista)." Check out their comments on the pros and cons of the beleaguered operating system.


Microsoft Reports Vista Less Prone to Vulnerabilities
An analysis of security vulnerability and attack trends finds the beleaguered operating system is more resilient than its predecessor, Windows XP. The optimistic report may give Vista new life while Windows 7 is in development.


Do Your Customers Hate Vista? Rip and Replace with a Twist
Give the troubled operating system the heave-ho and turn your customers on to alternatives—think Linux.