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1Oddly Innovative Products Released at CES 2011

Dry-All Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit For the clumsy among us, this kit’s contents provide a “hyperfast dry time and a patent pending absorption chamber” that the company claims can dry wet cell phones in as little as six hours. “A good idea to have on hand in case of a wet cell phone emergency,” a company release suggested.

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MeadWestvaco Secure Packaging This tear-resistant paperboard-security carton packaging solution eliminates the need for security devices like spider wraps, locked cases and safers. Fans include Kodak and Victorinox Swiss Army. The tear-resistant technology is also made from “responsibly-sourced” fiber. Shoplifters of the world, unite and bring scissors.

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Ideal Life Step Manager Give your workout an Orwellian (if responsible) spin with a wireless pedometer that supports remote interactive communications, automatically and wirelessly transmitting readings to healthcare providers, friends and family members. Do it to Julia!

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Qi-wear by iharmonixSometimes you just need to take that call while pouring acid, fighting fire, or chainsawing something apart, am I right? Howard Leight SmartFit ear-tips block out the noise, while Uvex Genesis safety (lenses in three shades!) keep your peepers covered.

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iRobot Roomba 700 Series, Scooba 230Tiny robots that vacuum for you: Where would we be without them, and how can we even remember our grim life before their existence? Such existential dilemmas are deepened by the arrival of the 3.5 inch-tall Scooba 230 and Roomba 700 Series, now with Persistent Pass Cleaning Pattern.

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Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder SystemStraight from the James Bond gadget department, the Google Android compatible hands-free camcorder fits over your ear, while the free Looxcie App turns your Android smartphone into a viewfinder, remote control, and video editor.

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Walkin’Bag With the curved "lean-on-it" handle and four Swivel-Glide wheels, the Walkin’Bag, developed by company CEO (and polio survivor) Etsuo Miyoshi, acts like a gliding handrail supporting the user’s legs and back, and won title of Most Innovative Product at the Motivation Show 2010 in Chicago earlier this year.

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Sifteo CubesSifteo cubes are a way to play games using wireless 1.5-inch blocks with full-color screens that respond to motion and start interacting with the player and each other as soon as they are picked up and moved around. Your kids will certainly be better with these than you.

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Honorable Mention: Samsung 627-Square-Foot LCD Video WallWhile not officially within the confines of the CES conference–not to mention the fact that anyone who has ever been to Times Square knows what a real video wall looks like-this is still a huge, state-of-the-art 100-screen video wall, measuring 33 feet by 19 feet. Anyone up for a game of Pong?