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Nine Essential Facts to Consider About Windows XP Migrations

Status of Windows XP MigrationStatus of Windows XP Migration

A large number of respondents report that the migration from Windows XP is still under way. In process of migration: 47%, Completed migration: 37%, Still on Windows XP: 16%

When Migration Is Scheduled to Be CompletedWhen Migration Is Scheduled to Be Completed

The Windows XP migration issue will extend well beyond April 8. No target date for completion: 31%, More than 1 year: 10%, Less than 1 year: 59%

Top Reasons Migration Has Not Yet OccurredTop Reasons Migration Has Not Yet Occurred

After application compatibility, the next biggest issues relate to time and process. Applications don’t work with Windows 7 or Windows 8: 41%, Distracted by other IT initiatives: 38%, User training and support for new interface: 37%, Loss of user productivity during migration: 27%

Top Methods for Moving to Windows 7 or Windows 8Top Methods for Moving to Windows 7 or Windows 8

There are many paths to an OS upgrade. Purchase new hardware with upgraded OS: 30%, Even mix of hardware purchase and reimaging software: 21%, Mostly purchased new hardware and some reimaging of hardware: 17%, Mostly reimaging existing hardware and some new hardware: 17%

Process Used for Reimaging SystemsProcess Used for Reimaging Systems

The vast majority of respondents would like to keep the process as simple as possible. Clean install: 80%, In-place upgrade: 12%, Both clean install and in-place upgrade: 8%

Organizations Deploying Both Windows 7 and Windows 8Organizations Deploying Both Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 7 appears to be the preferred upgrade path. Deploying both Windows 7 and Windows 8: 86%, Deploying only Windows 8: 14%

Use of Windows 8Use of Windows 8

Not in use: 46%, In use by internal IT: 36%, In use by the business: 16%

Total Project Migration SavingsTotal Project Migration Savings

For organizations with 1,000 PCs, the security, compliance, rationalization and productivity benefits can add up. $336,000

Reliance on Outside Help for MigrationReliance on Outside Help for Migration

The channel needs to do a better job promoting its Windows XP migration skills because only a small percentage rely on outside help. Do not go outside: 84%, Do go outside: 16%