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1Microfiber Cloths
It might not be super sexy, but a keychain microfiber cloth with your logo will likely be appreciated and used long after the glitter of holiday lights fades away.


2No Title

Keyboard DusterSimilarly, keyboard brushes make for a useful tchotchke, likely to kick around a customer’s desk throughout 2012. Price: $1.50

3Circuit Board Coasters
Nothing says geek chic like a set of recycled circuit board coasters. These home decor accessory are surefire winner within the IT worker set.


4Circuit Board Clipboard
In the same vein, the recycled circuit board clipboard makes a great tech-oriented gift. And the extras can be passed around to the sales team to carry around on calls in 2012.


5Portable Solar Chargers
Go upscale with this nifty smartphone solar charger that comes in a neoprene case big enough to carry an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. It comes with six USB adapters, a solar flashlight and a carabineer on the case.  

6Laptop Computer Sleeves

A sleek laptop or tablet sleeve case will make your customers future trips through the TSA security maze so much easier to navigate.
Estimated Price: $11-$13


7Chocolate Computers

Dazzle em with deliciousness and send out chocolates molded in the form of computer, mouse, USB stick or CD-ROM.
Estimated Price: $2-$5


8Presenter Tools

A combination laser pointer, Powerpoint remote is a thoughtful gift for a client base heavy on executives who are often called on to speak in the board room or on the conference floor.


9Docking Station
A classy, faux wood number, this docking station makes for a nice desk accessory thats likely to see use from folks sick of charger cords cluttering their workspace.


10USB Fragrance Dispenser
If you absolutely, positively must do a USB accessory, why not go over-the-top kitschy? Even if it only gets used once, a USB Fragrance Dispenser is unique enough to get your clients to at least want to give it a whirl.