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Move over BlackBerry.

As more customers consider upgrading to a smartphone, Apple iPhone and
Android devices are expected to double in market share of new sales next year,
according to a new study from the IHL Group and Retail Connections.

The study finds that only 24 percent of smartphone users were considering
the BlackBerry and 10 percent had designs on a Windows smartphone.

“The iPhone is quickly replacing the BlackBerry in the mindshare of
consumers and the executive office for many retailers,” said Greg Buzek,
President of IHL Group, in a statement. “The growth in the executive office of
retailers and store associates is most striking.”

The IHL Group surveyed 570 consumers and 66 retailers, focusing on consumer
use for social media and commerce and how retail can use smartphones to engage

The study found that only 19 percent of retailers support management reports
on the iPhone, but that number is expected to increase to 60 percent in the
next year. iPad adoption should leap from 5 percent to 47 percent in that same
time. Android-based devices will see increased adoption, from 14 percent to 33
percent, the study said.

“The iPad ushered in the age of the tablets, and retailers are going to
adopt these quickly,” Buzek said. “Retailers have longed for moderately priced
handheld devices for their sales associates and store managers to enhance the
consumer experience. With the advent of the iPad, we have seen the price drop
from $1,500 a device to under $500 in volume. Some retailers are looking for
these tablets to eliminate POS locations in
their stores altogether.”

The study found that 35 percent of smartphone users have received and/or
redeemed a coupon sent via text message, and 54 percent of retailers plan to
have the ability deliver and scan electronic coupons within the next year.