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1HP Folio 13

HP has tried to keep a balance in its first ultrabook offering, preserving the endangered Ethernet port while also including TPM and Bluetooth. There’s even a rubberized bottom to help keep the Folio off of the coffee-shop floor.WEIGHT: 3.3 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2467M 1.3GHzSCREEN: 13-inchCOST: $900

2LG z430

The z430 ships with both SDD and an actual HDD, offering 500GB of storage at the cost of battery efficiency.WEIGHT: 2.6 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 familySCREEN: 14-inchCOST: $TBACES DEBUT

3LG z330

LG is rolling out the lightest and slimmest ultrabook in its class.WEIGHT: 3.3 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 familySCREEN: 13.3-inchCOST: $899CES DEBUT

4Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook

Samsung was trying to keep the lid on this one, but a mistake at web-retailer J&R spoiled the surprise.WEIGHT: 3.25 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2467M 1.65gHZSCREEN: 13.3-inchCOST: $899CES DEBUT

5Toshiba Portégé

The Portégé is designed to look and act the part of a business machine, with full-sized ports, somber black finish, and six hour battery life.WEIGHT: 2.47 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2435M 2.40GHzSCREEN: 13.3-inchCOST: $899

6Macbook Air

It’s hardly a secret that the other guys are racing to catch up with this sexy little number. Apple is trying to keep ahead of the competition with periodic boosts in processor power.WEIGHT: 2.38 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2467M 1.6GHzSCREEN: 11-inchCOST: $999

7Acer Aspire One D270

While it doesn’t quite comply with Intel’s official Ultrabook standards, this ultraslim netbook hints at long battery life, light weight, and attention-getting purple finish.WEIGHT: 3 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel ATOM N600 200GHzSCREEN: 10.1-inchCOST: $TBA

8ASUS Zenbook UX31

The stylish brushed-aluminum look of the UX31 is a tip-off to the elegance of a machine running without an optical drive or SD reader. The trade-off is nearly five hours of battery life.WEIGHT: 2.86 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2557M DTBAl Core 1.7GHzSCREEN: 13.3-inchCOST: $1,099

9Lenovo X1 Hybrid

The Hybrid stands out for allowing the user to toggle between Windows and LINUX with the push of a button, sort of like a United Nations for operating system fanatics.WEIGHT: 3.75 lbsPROCESSOR: Intel Core i3 familySCREEN: 13.3-inchCOST: $1,599

10HP Spectre

Based on HP’s teaser video clip, the main capability of this ultrabook is the capability to rotate unsupported in midair and unleash a blinding flash of light. WEIGHT: TBA lbsPROCESSOR: TBASCREEN: TBACOST: $TBACES DEBUT