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1Green IT Certifications for Jobs That Make a Difference

Green IT Jobs: Certifications That Matter for the ChannelAs organizations look to improve the energy efficiency of their data center operations and reduce the power usage and carbon footprints of their business operations, they’ll seek out partners who are able to offer them timely consultation and good implementation advice that can help them improve their green quotient and their bottom line. In honor of Earth Day, Channel Insider takes a look at some of the most important skills training and certifications to help partners pursue the other kind of green that flows when customers are going green.

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CompTIA Strata Green ITOne of CompTIA’s newest certifications, Strata shows that its recipient knows how to incorporate emerging technologies within green IT implementations and how to measure green IT programs and investments.

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Chartered Institute of IT ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green ITThis broad-based certification proves that a partner’s employees understands green regulations, legislation and policies, as well as carbon energy accounting and how to create a green IT strategy.

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Metropolitan Community College & IBM: Associates Degree in Managing Green Data CentersTeamed together with IBM, this small community college based in Omaha, Neb. has developed one of the nation’s first associates degree IT programs dedicated to green data center management.

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Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist There’s no better way to reduce a business’ carbon footprint than by replacing travel meet-ups with video conferencing. This Cisco specialty shows proficiency in the implementation of IP video conferencing and voice over IP (VOIP) technology.

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VMWare Virtualization Certified ProfessionalThe more your customers virtualize, the more computing power they can squeeze from their energy-hungry hardware. The VCP shows a high level of proficiency in implementing and managing virtualization technology.

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Uptime Institute Accredited Tier DesignerThe Uptime Institute has long been a proponent for green data center design and implementation. Its certification course on data center design embeds green principles into the curriculum.

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APC Data Center University AssociateDCU Associate certificate holders are able to demonstrate a base level proficiency in network-critical infrastructure planning, including in important green principles around cooling, power, racking and cabling equipment.