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When we hear the term “recycling”, most of us automatically think of the hassles associated with separating paper from plastics, bottles from cans and so on.

In other words, recycling has become one of those necessary evils that the public at large has to put up with. Sure, there is a real and measurable benefit to recycling. It’s just that since its benefits aren’t immediately evident, recycling lacks the punch of instant gratification.

Now, let’s say your neighbors were getting paid to recycle, while you were not? Wouldn’t you be green with envy? (Pun fully intended!)

For solution providers, the green conundrum is in full swing. Simply put, what can a solution provider do with a customer’s old equipment? In most cases, old equipment is relegated to a closet at the customer’s site, or worse yet, winds up in a dumpster. Larger companies sometimes auction off or donate used and outdated equipment, but what’s in it for the VAR?

TechTurn, based in Austin, Texas, may very well have the answer for solution providers looking to recycle equipment for their customers. TechTurn’s recently announced large scale, private label IT asset recovery service for VARs allows solution providers to offer an economically advantageous method for recovering their customers’ outdated electronics, while also providing residual monies back for new technology deployments. In other words, the service offers profitable recycling.

Simply put, solution providers now have the option of determining the residual value of used equipment and to then have TechTurn pick up that equipment and then write a check. The solution provider can then decide whether to share the wealth with the customer, charge the customer a disposal fee or offer the service for free. The real benefit here is that the process is easy for both the VAR and the customer, and it solves the major problem of how to dispose of outdated equipment.

What’s more, as part of TechTurn’s service, the old IT equipment is “sterilized,” meaning that any data left on the machines is destroyed, preventing company secrets from escaping due to carelessness.

TechTurn offers the service for disposing of used IT assets such as PCs, laptops, monitors, network gear, handheld devices and much more. The altruistic benefit here is that the equipment does not wind up in a landfill and the economic benefit speaks for itself. What’s not to like?

TechTurn makes it easy to feel good about recycling, without any downsides. For solution providers, all it takes is a quick call to TechTurn to make your competitors green with envy and those solution providers can even offer a service that the direct sale giants (like Dell) can’t. This program is a real win for the channel.

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