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Digital transformation

1 - Digital Transformation: A Tale of Many TechnologiesDigital Transformation: A Tale of Many Technologies

To tap into the digital business transformation trend, solution providers need to weave many technologies together.

2 - Rate of Digital TransformationRate of Digital Transformation

A full 89% of customers now acknowledge their industry is in the middle of some form of digital transformation.

3 - Top Digital Transformation TechnologiesTop Digital Transformation Technologies

Mobile computing is cited most often, at 72%, followed by cloud apps (68%), cloud infrastructure (59%), the IoT (37%) and providing self-service capabilities (33%).

4 - Digital Transformation Technologies DeployedDigital Transformation Technologies Deployed

A full 72% say they have already deployed mobile apps, followed by 68% that have deployed cloud apps and 59% using cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology. Only 37% said they have deployed an IoT solution.

5 - Digital Transformation Technology Deployment PlansDigital Transformation Technology Deployment Plans

Just over half (55%) say they are gearing up to embrace IoT. Another 25% are focusing on providing self-service capabilities.

6 - Increased Use of Digital Transformation TechnologyIncreased Use of Digital Transformation Technology

Despite being widely deployed, 75% said they plan to increase the use of mobile computing. Another 73% said they would increase the use of cloud applications, followed by 69% citing cloud IaaS.

7 - Drivers of Digital TransformationDrivers of Digital Transformation

Increased employee productivity was cited most by 75%, followed by business growth (67%) and reduced IT costs (59%). Only 37% cited competitive pressures.

8 - IT Projects Driven by Digital TransformationIT Projects Driven by Digital Transformation

Well over half (56%) of all IT projects are now driven by a digital transformation initiative.

9 - Number of Organizations Doing Digital Transformation WellNumber of Organizations Doing Digital Transformation Well

Only 27% say they have a coordinated digital transformation strategy. Another 21% say they are working on one.

10 - IT Security Role in Digital TransformationIT Security Role in Digital Transformation

Despite the strategic nature of many of these projects, only 18% say security teams have been involved in every one. The good news is 51% say IT security teams have been involved in most of them. What’s more, 76% agree that IT security is still an afterthought when it comes to digital transformation.

11 - IT Security ConfidenceIT Security Confidence

A full 96% admit IT security is a challenge and only 11% are confident in their ability. Another 85% say IT security does a better job when included early in the project. A full 91% also said the IT security team would do a better job if they had more resources.

12 - IT Security as a Business EnablerIT Security as a Business Enabler

Nearly half (49%) say the IT security team has a reputation for blocking projects while 37% say they serve to delay then. Not surprisingly, 85% admit business users seek to avoid engaging IT security teams to one degree or another.