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1Device Connectivity Speed

Megabits per second per dollar (Mbps/$) will improve 37 percent CAGR, equating to four times faster in 2015 than in 2011.

2Infrastructure Speed

Average Megabits per second will improve 54 percent CAGR.

3Processor Speed

GigaHertz per dollar (GHz/$) will improve 53 percent CAGR


Gigabits per dollar (Gb/$) will improve 48 percent CAGR.


GigaBytes per dollar (GB/$) will improve 35 percent CAGR.

6Image Sensor

Megapixels per dollar (MP/$) will improve 20 percent CAGR.


Performance per dollar per square inch (P/$/in2) will improve 18 percent CAGR.*weighted aggregation of resolution, brightness, power efficiency and other factors.

8Compound Annual Growth of PwC Mobile Index

PwC forecasts a 42 percent combined compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Index between 2011 and 2015